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Lump when flaccid

Lump when flaccid

I don’t know if this is really an injury, but here goes.

I have noticed that my dorsal vein has a lump almost at mid point of my shaft and it is mostly only visible when I am very flaccid. Seems that the dorsal vein is a bit bigger at this point, thus creating a lump. I am kind of worried that it might become a permanent thing, and obviously it doesn’t look right when flaccid (what would the girls think?).

Is this a side-effect of jelqing or stretching?
I have stopped all PEing and have began a treatment of ICE and HEAT once a day.

Anyone experienced this before?

Definitely getting bigger.

I had a small lump on the upper side along the dorsal vein. It was very much like a hard small pimple wasn’t red or inflamed, but it followed some swelling by lymph after one or two first tries with the penimaster.

I left averything alone for a couple of weeks. The lymph swelling had gone down, so I tried another very easy session with the Pmaster for ½ hour, and it just disappeared.

I think it was a small t’bhosis so that’s why it went easily, but in feel and appearance it was hard, no colour, and oh. 1/8th inch but slightly elongated 3/16”.

But now the skin is quite OK even with normal stretch 1 hour Pmaster use.

The lymph swelling was about 2” in diameter first off.

Hope that helps.


Originally Posted by The Lurker
…it doesn’t look right when flaccid (what would the girls think?).

If a girl was looking at your penis close enough to see the lump, it probably wouldn’t be flaccid for long! :)

PE does funny things to your veins. I now have a sharp “S” curve in one vein that I never had before. It kind of makes the vein stick out a bit, especially when flaccid. I can’t do anything about it and it doesn’t seem to be going away.

As long as your lump doesn’t hurt, isn’t red, or getting bigger, it’s probably not anything you need to worry about. You can give it some time and see if it goes away. If it doesn’t you can probably ignore it.

My penis also have a big dorsal veins .and beneath the head .

Is there any thing wrong with it or it is a normal .thing.?

I always afraid of this caused some kind of problem .

Well, the jelqing and stretching and all is known to give you that big veiny look. I myself have noticed my dorsal vein to have become significantly larger, but that is all good. I think it makes your member look bigger and better.

Can’t say the same about the lump. Though it doesn’t hurt or anything, it is still annoying.

I will try this ice and heat treatment throughout this week without PEing. Hope it helps.

Definitely getting bigger.

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