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Lump 'in' penis 'on' urethra/dorsal vein?

Lump 'in' penis 'on' urethra/dorsal vein?

Alright I’ve had this thing for about 14 weeks now. It’s not uncomfortable unless I palpate it or throw the hanger on. After I put the hanger on and take it off, the lump swells up horribly for a few days and then dies down. Hurts like hell the whole time, too.

I can live with it, sure, but I can’t do so much of the PE exercises there. It almost feels like two separate veins plugged a bit back from the head.

I didnt have time to play with it too much since I noticed it. I also either masturbated or had sex every day since I had it.

Anyone have an idea what this is? From what I’ve read it’s either a thrombosed vein, newly formed peyronie’s or lymphangitis. Any idea to determine which it is?

> After I put the hanger on and take it off, the lump swells up horribly for a few days and then dies down. Hurts like hell the whole time, too.

Where is the lump?

Describe the pain. Is it a superfical stinging sensation in the skin or deep within the shaft?

A thrombosed vein will move with the skin. Slide the skin around and see if the lump moves with it.

The lump is a half inch behind the glans. It only hurts after I squeeze the hanger down on it. The pain is definitely a stinging sensation that just goes on and on. When it’s swollen and I palpate it, the pain feels like a burning sensation.

And…it does not move with the skin. If I grab my glans I can move the skin and cc’s back and forth over the lump without moving it. Also, if I do a jelq it doesn’t move the lump. My flesh just kind of bunches up and over it.

I don’t know what it is, but I think you can rule out a superficial thrombosed vein.

If the hanger is aggravating that area, lay off using the hanger. Apparently nothing else you do in excercises causes pain, yes?



I don’t know what it is either, but I hope you are taking a break. Trying to continue through the pain is not the answer.

No, nothing else causes pain. If I do manual stretches I’m fine, as well as if I jelq. The only thing is that when I jelq I have to ‘ride’ up and over the lump so that part of my penis isn’t really being stressed. I haven’t really poked and prodded this bad boy too much since he showed up.

I know it’s in bad taste but…this is a desperation bump. If you have any experience with this, I implore you to share.

Sometimes when hanging I would develop a bubble or blister (fluid build-up) right at the circ scar on the left side. It would subside a few hours later. But it didn’t cause any pain, just looked bad.

Sorry I can’t help you, that’s all I got.

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I’m pretty sure it’s thrombosis, just right at the dorsal vein and right in a spot that’s going to need more of a push than abstinence/aspirin/hotwraps.

Do you know if it is PE related? If, not get it checked out.

If you think it is PE related, and it’s hasn’t been mentioned in either the Injury Forum or and you don’t get an answer from this thread, get it checked out.

I’m a newbie, so I’m no authority on PE injuries. But I do have a mother that is a radiation therapist (they zap cancer patients). I’m not saying you have dick cancer, but I have learned, if there are any lumps or pain in your body that last over a month, GET IT CHECKED OUT. A friend of mine that I went to high school with had a younger brother who got testicular cancer. My mother said he was a goner, it had metastasized (spread throughout the body). That type of cancer is easily beatable by removing the cancerous nut. He was obviously too embarrassed to mention the lumps in his nut and waited too long. The moral of the story is, don’t let small problems become big ones.

You probably have nothing to worry about. However, it’s been going on for 14 weeks so if I we’re you I’d have it checked out. If it is near the dorsal nerve you really want to get it checked out because don’t want to become impotent. I read your post about your back and you said you didn’t have a lot of money. I have a back problem too, so I can speak on this. As miserable as it is to have a bad back, having a permanently limp dick, especially if you are a young, would be like a dagger in the heart. So spend the money for a visit or try to visit a free clinic. It says you are from Vermont so I don’t what the chances are for you to find a free clinic, it’s usually a big city thing. If you live near a university (Vermont’s not that big) they often have free clinics.

If you are lucky, you’ll get some hot doctor chick checking out your johnson, she’ll have to take a semen sample (she’ll want to watch to see if that is causing the bump), will tell you have nothing to worry about, and you’ll have another awesome story to tell us.

It sounds like a Peyronie’s nodule. Is it hard? or spongy? Is there any other physical symptoms like a slight bend or curve to the shaft? Maybe the area near the nodule is slightly depressed or indented?

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Does it show when erected or do you notice it only when flaccid?

I have a noticeable lump as well but it is only noticeable at a very flaccid state and it disappears with minor erection. It doesn’t hurt, and I am doing PE so I have kind of started to live with it.

The lump basically seems to me as though by dorsal vein is a bit bulgy at that spot.

Definitely getting bigger.

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