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low-SENSITIVITY problems - any ideas?

low-SENSITIVITY problems - any ideas?


if someone here has an idea what i can do to find a solution for my very low sensitivity please post it!!!

I want to increase my sensitivity.
I was already at a few doctors,an urologist, 2 neurologists and i did an MRT (magnetical resonance tomography) so that i can exclude any physical damages in my body and also not in my back.
I think it has something to do with my mind (anxieties of having sex) and that i did PE too hard since i was 17 (now i am 21).

I have bought all-day stretchers and used them much too long (12 hours in a row), i think these 2 things caused it.

I am not circumsised (my skni is a bit cut but my penishead is still fully covered).

I already had a very long break from PE, i keep the skin oiled, i dont masturbate hard, i visited these doctors and the PE i currently do is very low.

So does ANYONE of you have an idea what i can do to increase it?

Some vitamines to take, any creams, any mechanical techniques…….????

The low sensitivity is over the whole head and shaft, that means ALL OVER the psnis….

I would be very thankful if someone could help me!


Hope you're better soon!

I’m not a doctor, but can sympathise.

This is just an opinion-here goes. I do know that nerves can heal, but take a quite a while in doing so, months to years. Time is the key element to healing nerves. I damaged a nerve in my big toe, which caused me to lose apprx. 1/2 sensitivity. Many months were needed to regain sensitivity, and I have to be extra nice to it even now, or the same problem comes back. I’d guess that pe may have to remain a thing of the past for you.

Dumb analogy, I know, but still…

I really hope you get better soon, Sandmann! :)

Had a loss of sensitivity when starting PE and had to take over half a year till most of it came back. My advice (0.02 cents) would be to take a year off PE and stop obsessing with it (the loss of sensitivity). Regarding the oil: try a moisturizer instead.

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