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Lost Sensation Due to Vacuum Hanging


Thanks kristian. I appreciate your help. I’m going to go out for a while, but if anyone else has experienced numbness, please chime in.

Thanks T

Don’t panic, 24 Hours!

It takes between 4-7 days to restore the normal feeling. I had once a very severe numbness (caused by Bib-starter). The numbness was so bad I didn’t feel that I have a dick. I could pinch my glans pretty hard and didn’t feel anything.
I wrote to the Greater Bib and he told me to take 3-4 days off of any kind of PE. He wrote also that this happens mainly for two reasons – firstly because the penis got overstretched, and therefore the nerves cannot catch up, or second, because of constriction of the nerves by over tightening (in your case most probably by the fluid built-up, that puts pressure on the nerves behind the glans).

Few months ago I used also a vacuum hanger – the Grip System. I never got numb by it, but definitely there was a fluid built-up in the gnals that caused some temporal lost of sensitivity by 10-15%.
Take 5 days off, do warm ups in the shower or better in a tub twice a day; that would quicken the process. Don’t panic, the brain is a pretty nasty fellow when it comes to fear – it can magnify all the fears to a extend, when they could become a reality!

I have had bouts of nerve issues with PE, either over amplified sensation or numbness. And in my situation things have always returned to normal.

I see, and have seen, lots of advice to do no PE while trying to recover. But I think it might depend on the severity of the problem.

Your’s seems to be severe to the point that you should probably leave the vacuum hanger routine alone for a bit. But I might tend to think that moderate jelqing might help the situation. I can’t say I have done it, but that is because I am very lazy about jelqing unless it follows a hanging session. But it should help.

Maybe too much information, but I would stimulate the area (read as masturbate) and see just how much I could feel.

You should be just fine, unless something is extremely out of the ordinary. And that is from someone who tends to get bouts of numbness or reduced sensation form hanging fairly regularly.

24 hours,

It’s really the same situation when you have been sitting with your legs crossed for a while and your leg “goes to sleep” ie becomes numb, because you have been putting pressure on a nerve, and it simply shuts down, later you get a tingling as circulation improves, and it’s OK again. So leave things to heal and then go more carefully,

Can you think of any different way you did the hanging from the other two days? If it was slipping more the third time then that needs thinking about and try to avoid doing it again.

Thanks jury and anonymous for your insights and advice.

To bring everyone up to date, I started to get most of the sensation back Saturday and it improved even further on Sunday. As the sensation came, so did some soreness under the glands (especially on the left side). Now the numbness is gone and the soreness is mostly gone.

However, it feels like my erections aren’t getting as long and hard as before, and my glands still remain soft when erect. I guess it’s probably still just healing. At least I’m no longer numb - that’s a big relief. I haven’t jelqed, pumped, or anything since the numbness started.

Originally Posted by petitfaun
24 hours,

Can you think of any different way you did the hanging from the other two days? If it was slipping more the third time then that needs thinking about and try to avoid doing it again.

Everytime I would begin a set on each of the three days (with the exception of the first set on the first day) I’d initially feel pain under my glands as I let the weights suspend. The pain would then fade shortly thereafter. As time would pass the hanger would start to slip down, the pain would again return, and I’d grab hold of the weight to relieve myself of the pain, and I’d pump up more to bring my glands back up to the end of the tube before releasing the weight again, and the pain would now disappear. This would continue for the duration of the set, having to repump about once every minute or so.

Each day the pain would become a little more intense during the slipping and when initiating the hanging. I was always a bit worried as to why I was feeling this pain, but knowing it would subside shortly as time progressed kept me from worrying too much about it.

I don’t know if fluid buildup created the numbness or if it was related to the pain during slipping. I was pumping (three 10 minute sets) shortly after hanging (three 10+ minute sets), so I may have been overdoing it with the pressure applied from both hanging and pumping. It definitely put my glands and upper shaft area under more vacuum pressure for a longer duration than it was accustomed to prior, so fluid buildup could have been involved. But then again, there was the pain from the actual hanging. The numbness didn’t start until the day after my last hanging, and I really became aware of it from light jelqing.

I wish I could better understand what caused it, so that I could avoid repeating the same mistakes. I’m planning on laying off the hanging for a few weeks to fully reheal. In fact, I may lay off longer than that - the whole thing has really freaked me out. I think I might have figured out how to reduce the slipping (using the sheaths differently), and I probably won’t pump anymore on days I hang.

Is there a good way to distinguish fluid buildup? Do you actually feel more fluid under your glands? I’ve never gotten a doughnut effect, and can’t seem to really distinguish what gains are fluid buildup related and what is related to pure vacuum engourgement


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