Lost of sensatation to cold hot

I know there are many threads relating to numbness but most seem to orient around the glans,mine is in the top of the base about a inch or so,I presume this is from V-stretches,tunica tugs and such.After particularly targeting girth gains I have developed this patch I only discovered today,I did feel some difference but the area is still sensitive to pressure but when putting on lubricant (a vitamin E oil) the cold drops went completely unfelt when they hit this patch only the dull sensation of pressure. And there appears to be a a white looking difference going up the dorsal vein about a inch or so.very strange.it is hard to get a full erection I am left with unusually soft erections even fully erect is spongy.

I seem to also have gained about half an inch in length!

So what should I do?right now I’m just drinking water and green tea and avoiding jelqing for about a week