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Lost 0.5 in length and 1' in girth :

Lost 0.5 in length and 1' in girth :

I just want to ask, if it’s easier to gain it back since, well, I had it, and lost it in just 2 weeks of stopping PE.
I only started PEing seriously about a month before that happened, and I had seen an increase from 4.5’ to 5.2’ in girth and most of that was within a week.
I was also using the PM, for about 2-3 hours a day for two weeks and had an increase of 0.5’ in length.

I’m very disappointed, I had no idea that taking such a long break would cause me to lose all of my gains.

Will it be easier to gain it back? Or have I injured myself in any way, like over trained and thats why.


You didn’t cement your gains. In my opinion, you should work on girth and length separately. With length work you need less breaks, whereas girth work requires breaks. Neither of which need such a long break. In fact, you probably shouldn’t take more than a day or two off at a time. I’ll speculate here and say that you’ll probably be able to gain easier now that your penis is somewhat conditioned. Just take it easy at first. Don’t injure yourself with your old routine. Start back slowly.


What you had was your potential gains, but it takes at least 3 months or so of continuous PE to cement those gains. One or two weeks isn’t going to cut it. This is a long term project.


Oh well. Thanks, for the replies. I just need to keep on trying I guess. Problem is that sometimes I will need to take breaks like that, not because I want to, but due to the amount of workload I have. I’ll try and keep it up this time though.

Thanks again

One more question though. It seems that after sex, I can’t carry on with my routine. Meaning that, if I have sex during the afternoon, I can’t do my night routine, seems to be painful and in my opinion doesn’t help me gain but actually is injuring me.

Any opinions on that?

Possibly prolactin build up? (assuming sex isn’t making the physical demands that PE does). Does light massaging help the feeling?

It’s just a guess though.

Sometimes it does. :)

I just feel that it short of dies or something like that.

I’m going to try using an IR lamp and see if it helps.

Thanks again.

P.S anything else you have in mind?

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