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Loss of sensation


Loss of sensation

Well since I can’t post in injury forum yet..

As described in my previous post I over pumped and stretched for a week and made my already present problem (scrotalization) even bigger..

However it was month and a half ago and basically all the way up till last 2 week at least feeling during sex was normal

I did 10-15 and one 30 min session of stretching/pumping now and than after that.. Nothing too harsh..

Since that last session.. I noticed big black patch on left side of glans.. It is visible on some lights but visibly darker than rest of glans..
I used to stretch hard my glans, sometimes with my hands not washed, a bit dirty clothing and shit like that..

For last 2 weeks I can barely feel anything during intercourse.. I was touching my glans and remenant parts of my skin ( was circumcised 5 years ago) but they were notably less sensitive.. I last really shortly and I can get erection however without stimulus for a sec it goes down immediately.. I can cum but there is just immediate feeling not a build up that follows it.. Feeling of cumming is also very reduced,,,

I didn’t do anything but I hardly believe its possible that sensation disappears from me just pulling my dick out sometimes and overstretching that was 2 months ago.. I am connecting this to the black patch.. Could this be infection? Please someone help me I don’t know what to do.. I am thinking of starting restoration to try to restore sensitivity if its possible at all.. I am praying to god this gets better because 2 weeks have passed and there is no improvement.

It sounds as though it could be some form of a large blood blister where bleeding occurs under the skin and gets trapped and because it is cut off from oxygen it turns black. Those usually do take a long time to heal, but eventually they heal from underneath and the black patch gets sloughed off.

Any possibility to attach a pic? I will move this over to the injury forum.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Dwellerm” Sorry to here bout you’re injury. Too help for the bruise you have and the loss off feeling ,go get you some liquid vitamin E pills 1000 mg ones and cut a little hole in one and apply too you’re shaft of you’re penis twice a day. This will help speed up the healing process for the damaged nerve endings. And I would suggest cutting back a little on PE. Till the feeling comes back. Good luck man.:-)

Loss of sensation is due to reduced oxygenation in that area too. Most of blood spots heal in a few days, never heard of one in the glans it would take longer to heal I guess. Everything will go back. I think it’s mostly pumping the cause of the problem - too much pressure and/or too much time.

You think innervation can be restored? Or sensation? Ill post picture but you can hardly notice it.. Its brownish and can be seen under certain contrast lights

Damaged nerves heal. A damaged nerve would be felt like numbness, a distinctive feeling when compared to ‘reduced sensation’.

I don’t know guys, but you kinda seem to put a shed of hope in me.. I’m depressed as fuck.. But marinera curiously when I put more pressure I can feel neural electricity.. It just requires larger effort.. But no pleasurable sensation on certain spots.. I started with using panthenol and some ointment creams till I get vitamin E.also I am unable to find more than 400 IU vit e gelcaps and they are expensive as fuck here where I am.

Also is foreskin restoration real deal?

Foreskin can be elongated through mechanical stretching. I’m not sure this can be called ‘restoration’ since your foreskin is always cut, but longer.

What about glans getting more sensitive and destroying keratinization while its under prepuce?

I am really not an expert about that, being uncut. I think there are several threads on this topic, could do a search.


Last few days I had occasionally sex and sometimes 2 times a day..

Before ,Whenever I would ejaculate my oversensitive feeling on glans lasted at least 20 sec.. I ejaculate now.. Orgasm lasts 1-2 sec , pleasurable moment disappears and I can instantly touch my glans without any discomfort.. When I had sex second time in row I ejaculated AND DIDNT FEEL like I did it?? There was no ORGASM..

What the hell is happening I’m starting to get really depressed and weak here.. Someone please help

I am using vitamin e and b but it barely seems to help.

Listen, if you had damaged a nerve you wouldn’t have feelings at all. If your penis was broken, you couldn’t achieve an erection and fuck. The glans is not anymore oversensitive (are you uncut? Cut people don’t have ‘oversentivie glans’) because it was exposed through PE exercise and that is a good thing, not a bad one. You don’t have anything but a bit of overwork and anxiety, so stop crying on yourself and thinking that the sky is falling.

I am not sure.. Since I can barely feel any pleasure.. Unless I speed up now and thats the place where I am about to cum, and afterwords there is no sensitivity on glans after ejaculation at all.. My urethral opening still hurts alot in waves during the day.. I’m not crying .this shit is heavy on my life .very heavy.. And its not subjective.. I could never touch my glans with hands after ejac.. I can do whatever I want with it the second I cum.. And orgasm lasts for 1 -2 sec

Ok, see what the urologist will say.

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