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Loss of sensation


Hey man just take hot baths, jelq, kegal , light stretching.

You have to promote blood flow till whatever it is heals, but do make an appointment at a certified urologist.Ask about a Doppler exam and an ultrasound exam.

There are plenty of knowledgeable people on here that can give you informative advice.

Hey guys long time.. Well it has passed a while

I used 3x 200 IU vitamin E daily on penis and 500 IU orally .Also used panthenol vit b and multivitamins and had some pause on sex every day.. I had 2-3 intercourse with my fiancee during week compared to almost everyday

Well situation does seem to get better but I am having pretty bad problem remaining..

First off.. The black patch has drastically faded but its still present.. Second glans is much more sensitive on touch and during sex I can indeed feel much more.. However tones I had and have now arent same.. For example. Gentle touches during handjob feel great, but orally I feel much less.. Inside vagina I am much more sensitive but it kinda brings me to ejaculation pretty fast..

Anyhow patch is still visible under certain lights and texture of skin I somewhat different.. Glans seems more shiny and there just aint too much cracks anymore.. I can feel all parts of glans on both hot water and cold water but most sensitive feeling is when I am going with rubby texture on it( like fuzzy towel or toilet paper) but not so much when I use finger over it.. Its pretty smooth until after sex..

Now the problem I am still having is .ever since than whenever I ejaculate feeling of orgasm is almost as there is none.. It just goes out.. It builds up and in moment you expect something to happen I cum and it ceases. There is no ”I can’t touch my glans from sensitivity” feeling.. My sperm volume has also been much lesser.. Now me and fiancee observed a bit and we noticed I can get really hard orcasm whenever I ejaculate in her.. I also can orgasm on ejaculate WHILE I am masturbating however I have to use glans only technique now and its much harder to ejaculate at all now rather than before..

Yesterday we had intercourse two times.. First time when I pulled out and she finished with hand I had pretty hard orgasm.6 hours later when I pulled out and I did with my own hand again it was absent.. I am really confused and bit desperate as well ,since now I have feeling ,I have buildup but not orgasming on ejaculation is really making me desperate..

I also pretty depressed over mental tiredness I have and also some other illnesses I had in my system since last 4 months.. My testicles also hurt from time to time for no reason and I am also overtrained since I work in gym ( I think)..

Could this be hormones? And is there way this will return to what it was before ,when I could orgasm on any ejaculation? I had total testosterone in normal values 1 month ago when I took my test but from what I saw free test is what matters.. Any experiences ?

Maybe you need to visit a urologist and request an ultra sound examination be done to SEE if everything is normal. Visual inspection sounds like the best option.

Very well.


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