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long term injury and need answers please

long term injury and need answers please

can you guys help me diagnois my problem and hopefully give me a cure.

every since i started PEing about two years ago with the doctors penis enlargment site (some of you will know what im talking about) i’ve had this pain in my left side of my groin. the pain starts around my left nut and spreads out to my left thigh alittle bit and up through a troubled epididymus (sp?), all the way up the left side of the shaft and stops in behind my head.

is this a ligiment problem? or a nut sack clog causes pain how i described it? is minor surgery a cure? since this has been a problem for a very long time.

also, if i try PEing for awhile, it gets worse and my staying power gets worse and even some numbing painfull sensations which i dont like at all and a cold head!

suxks to be me right now,

Hi Crashdummie

When i started PEing i had pain in my left side of the shaft, i stopped PE imediately and took a one month break from PE.

I advice you in your case to stop your PE and consult a doctor.

I agree with Miketakk. I would also recommend curtailing any and ALL PE for the time being, and take your hiney to the doc. It is probably something very simple that a dose of medications will help, then again…………

Please don’t take chances.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

I have the same problem right now and it worries me. Hopefully it is not something that is lasting. I guess I will take a break too. It would be great though if we could get WestLA’s opinion, he seems to know a ton!

im going to see the doc tomorrow, he will probably send me to a urologist like last time (I wish I didnt miss it:( ), it took six months to be able to see him too.

soo unless the regular doctor can do something for me, im off PE at least until the urologist and maybe for good cause i cant even do mild PE exercises (which probably wouldnt do anything for growth) without discomfort; so whats the point.

i’ll definetly keep you guys informed. PE is always in the back of my mind.


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