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Long Lasting Injury


Long Lasting Injury

I was jelqing last year and realized I had injured myself. I stopped jelqing, but I still continued to masturbate quite frequently, which is normal to me. It’s been many months, close to a year, I think, and there is still pain in my penis. There is some kind of sore feeling on the left side that is pretty much constant. I can still get a hard erection and jack off fine, and the pain is slight, but it’s still there after all this time. I can’t afford to see a doctor, so I am asking the members of this forum, instead.

What do you think is wrong with my cock? Perhaps it is nerve damage, which I’ve heard takes a long time to heal. I have been trying to be abstinent, and that does seem to help, but after a few days I succumb to my old habits. Even while masturbating, though, shouldn’t my penis have healed already? The pain comes and goes, and sometimes, confusingly, actually disappears when masturbating. However, after masturbating, the penis becomes more tender and the pain returns.

Like I said, it is mild pain, but has been persistent for a long time. Sometimes I don’t notice it, other times I do. What is also strange, is that I have these inflamed bumps that appear every now and again on the left side of my shaft. When I start messaging the inflamed area, the bumps disappear. At times, the bumps feel like one long slender ridge. Once again, if I message it, it goes away.

So, basically, I’ve no idea what I did. I know I should probably see a doctor at this point, but I do not have enough money for one.


I guess on a positive note, my flaccid size did gain significantly, and I seemed to have maintained the added flaccid length. My erections looks the same, though.

I should also include that, about a month ago, I bought a penis pump, a hydromax, and used it several times. It did increase the pain, so I’ve since stopped, but it actually seemed to be working very well. The added girth I got from pumping stayed with me for what seemed like days. I definitely would like to continue, but I don’t want to ruin my dick, either.

I also tried jelqing very softly a few weeks ago, this was after months of not jelqing, and it didn’t actually seem to cause any more discomfort, but I didn’t try it again since.

I just don’t understand what this is or why it doesn’t seem to be healing.

I can’t say.

Maybe an injury badly treated and hasn’t healed yet.

Are you willling to try something? Let the penis alone for a month. No masturbation no anything. Don’t cause erections. Let them happen by themselves only if they happen.

You can masturbate only when you are having a spontaneous erection or waking up with a morning wood and not more than twice a week but do it softly and make it quick. No hard gripping on the penis while at it and make sure to ejaculate as quick as you can, cause goal here should be relief and prostate health, not pleasure.

If you erections are good and hard, it means that the penis is functional, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I would go see a doctor though. I read that you can’t afford it, but I have to say it.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Yea, my erections are fine.

I know that abstinence is probably what I need, but it’s hard.

I’ll try to go without for as long as I can, but an entire month seems impossible to me lol.

What’s weird is that sometimes it seemed as though masturbating was actually helping it …

I think simply messaging it every once in awhile would be better, though.

It doesn’t seem to be super serious, but it’s been a long time, so today I started to get a little more concerned.

Are the bumps on the left underside at the base of your penis too? And are they the same color as your skin or a pale color? It sounds like I’m experiencing something very similar and it’s been over a month since I injured myself. I’ve done a lot of reading, and I think it might be an irritated/clogged lymph vessel. I read it can take 2-6 weeks to fully heal, but with frequent masturbation continuously irritating it, it could probably last a year or more. Try masturbating less, and when you do masturbate, avoid the left shaft of your penis, just stimulate your glans and the right side and leave the left side alone. Gently massaging the bumps to get them to go away should be okay. You should probably stop doing all PE as well until it goes away. From what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like it’s anything serious, but don’t let this post stop you from going to a doctor if you get the opportunity.

So basically you never left it alone to allow it to heal. Well that won’t work well will it?

One way to approaching abstinence/no encouraging erections at all would be to take it one week at a time. When you try to abstain for a month, not knowing whether it will help and not seeing any improvements, I understand how it can get difficult.

Try to abstain for one week, and see if things have improved at all after one week. Even if they haven’t, just take a mental breath, go for one more week, and then see how things are after that. Don’t expect that things will improve and set yourself up for discouragement, instead just think of it as testing it out to see what happens.

If you don’t see any improvement after two weeks, the odds that abstaining/not encouraging erections alone will help go down drastically. It is becoming more clear over time that it helps with minor type injuries that clear up fairly quickly, but otherwise is basically useless. Keep us updated.

You can try doing that too. Massage while flaccid is a good idea. While flaccid, not erect.

Good idea inspirit99.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Okay. One day down.

All it took was going on the wrong website and seeing some chick in lingerie and I got a massive boner and just stared there looking at her, but I remained strong and eventually got out alive.

Originally Posted by rumpelforeskin

All it took was going on the wrong website and seeing some chick in lingerie and I got a massive boner and just stared there looking at her, but I remained strong and eventually got out alive.

XD I know the feeling. I’ve been at this avoiding erections and masturbation thing for weeks now. Sometimes all it takes is a fully clothed girl with a pretty face to show up on T.V and I get an erection. I just can’t wait for this to be over. Just think of stomping on a bunch of cute kittens or an embarrassing situation you’ve been in to help push you away from the brink of masturbation.

LOL. Yea, it really sucks. I’m almost debating weather or not irritating the injury is worth being able to masturbate. It doesn’t hurt very much, and like I said, I can get erections fine. No, I think I should at least try to abstain for a week. I can do it. Day two down.

I relapsed last week. Things seemed like they had gotten better, so I went for it, but afterwards, I kind of regretted it.

However, since this Sunday, I’ve been abstinent.

I plan on remaining so until things get better.

If the soreness persists, I will consider seeing a urologist.

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Just to update, it feels as though it’s gotten better. I don’t think I had to even abstain for a month. I’m pretty sure all I had to do was masturbate a lot less, like around once a week. I’ve felt significant improvement after these past two weeks, and I am optimistic.

I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but it never seemed detrimental. It’s very strange. It’s a sore that feels better when I stretch it out and message it. Even messaging it while masturbating seemed to actually help, but I still believe I masturbated way too often and irritated it.

I don’t know what it is. It comes and goes, but seems to be getting better since two weeks ago.

It’s feels like some kind of inflammation, but nothing like I’ve ever had before.

The pain is mild, but it’s weird.

idk. Maybe they are swollen lymph nodes.

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