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Long Lasting Injury


I dont have the money to see a urologist, but I used one if those websites where you can ask a urologist. I described my symptoms, and it costed around 40 dollars. It’s not as good as going to a clinic, but infinitely less expensive. Anyway, after getting a reply, I think what I have is penile scarring on the shaft, which would explain the inflammed bands and bumps that come and go and that the soreness has persisted for this long and that there is little to no effect on my erection quality. I read that it can take up to 12 months for the scar tissue to fully heal or at least stop hurting. Afterwards, some scar tissue may remain, but the symptoms should vastly improve. Im looking at around 12 months now, and it seems to be improving although the discomfort still remains. At least now I have a better idea of what it is.

By law if you live in the US you must have health insurance.Get it, use it,work harder if you have to and go to a urologist.

I went to an urgent care clinic, because it’s cheaper than seeing a urologist. The nurse told me that as long as I can piss and get an erection, everything should be fine. She told me to just leave it alone for a few weeks.

Maybe messaging the bumps was a bad idea, as she said not to touch it at all and let it be. She told me the bumps could be a number of different things, and that they should go away on there own, but if not to return in about two weeks time.

I had been messaging them everyday because I thought it was getting rid of them, but it could of been having the opposite effect.

We’ll see in two weeks.

The visit was pretty awkward. It was more like a lecture on why I should be satisfied with an average cock than a diagnosis.

So, I still have no idea what I did, but I got it checked out, and I was told that everything was fine.

Sounds like you had a swollen lymph vessel, these can come and go.

Very often caused by pumping, didn’t you say you used a Bathmate ?

Nothing to worry about.

I haven’t touched my cock in a little over a week, and I just came twice in a wet dream. I had a double orgasm in a dream without having to touch myself. I wouldn’t have believed it, but my blanket was soaked. What the fuck? Nothing like that has ever happened in my life. I still feel horny from it, and it just happened minutes ago .

Has anyone ever heard of this? So far I’m the only guy I’ve ever heard of to have a double orgasm. I don’t think it’s related to the injury, but probably do to the length of time I spent abstaining from masturbation. This has been the longest I’ve gone without touching myself in like 15 years. Usually I am jacking off for hours daily.

Cock is better than ever since I’ve stopped yanking it everyday.

Here’s the thing. I don’t know if this is related to the injury or if it’s because I only jack off like once a week now, versus just about all day everyday before, but I think I’ve become multiorgasmic ….

I’m not joking. I jacked off today after a week of abstaining and I practically came twice. It was pretty awesome. I don’t know if it’s related to the injury or if it’s because I jacked off like a mad man for years and now am only doing it once a week …

Anyway, my cock and balls are feeling better. There’s still a little soreness, but each week it is improving.

If it’s improving, that’s great news. But if I were in your position, I would really try harder to abstain longer than a week. I mean, you’re sore, aren’t you?

Permanent growth or injured?

Have been pumping for a few years , maintaining a fairly regular routine.

Lately switched from a 9# tube, to a 10 # tube, and as I take care of not overdoing it, gradually increase both pressure and time-stretches,

Including a few days of rest etc..

Over time I’m able to increase my organ to an impressive size / especially when using the 10 inch Tube of course.

Besides occasional darkening of my penis due to blood-saturation in the skin, there were no side-effects what so-ever.

Two weeks ago I did a 20 minute routine, and playfully Let the filled tube swing up and down, and the next morning woke up

With a ( normally) swollen dick , but also a slightly swollen bump around the Lymph -area ( on one side )

Coincidentally came down with a flue as well, so abstained from pumping , not building hard erections or appetite to pump for a few days.

My penis was quite itchy on the inside ,and remained swollen especially around the tip/ foreskin & head.

When I returned a week or so later to slowly pick up my routine again, my penis was itching as soon as hot water and pressure was applied.

The itching how-ever was both annoying BUT very sweet at the same time and when masturbating , the feeling was intensely pleasurable.

During the day my organ remains increased in size , and slightly filled up, itching still , with a very occasional sharp ‘stretchy pain’ on the side

Of my dick.

Now , the ‘sweet itch’ as I call it, returns only during the first (5 minute/ have to release then for the itch starts getting too much ) pump sessions, and I now have gradually been able to build up longer stretches with more pressure, almost filling out the 9-inch tube again , and the itch simmers down soon enough.

My dick stays big though, even when I don’t pump , and the Lymph-area is back to normal.

The foreskin and skin above my head how-ever stays swollen and somewhat hardened , ( so ,my foreskin cannot be pulled back as easily as before, but my dick looks bigger , is quite sensitive after pumping , but I can deal with that easily, besides : it looks both soft and hard impressive in shape and size.

Also ; It seems , where I used to have to pump a few sessions of say 30 minutes, now : I can achieve almost the same size & effect with a 5 minutes session , followed by only one 10 minutes- session. ( Basically ; less than half the time , resulting into the same gains )

Question ; Has any-one experienced something similar ?

I think it’s awesome, but worry of course wether this is unusual .

Thanks for reading.

I took a urine test a week ago for an unrelated reason and it revealed that my dick was fucking infected.

God knows for how long it was infected.

I took some antibiotics and it’s almost gone completely away.

I made more improvement in the last week taking these prescription antibiotics than I have in the last month.

I’m upset that the nurse didn’t bother to take a urine test or anything. It was probably infected then, too.

I think it’s going to be okay, but I’m not going to try PE again.

If you need to release you can get one of those personal massagers that women use. Magic Wand or whatever, it will get you off without the mechanical motion of your hand. Feels a little funny after, but it works!

Starting Stats: BPEL 5.5" EG 4.4" -- Current: BPEL 6.9" EG 4.95" -- Short Term Goal BPEL 7", EG 5.25" -- Ultimate Goal : BPEL 7.5" EG 5.75"

I can’t believe it was infected. It actually feels like it mostly cleared up and mostly healed in only one week while taking the antibiotics.

My fucking cock must have had an infection for a few months to a fucking year.

Jesus. I may go see a urologist next week just to make sure everything is okay, since I finally got around to getting insurance.

I can’t tell you the relief I feel that the persistent soreness is finally fading away. It’s still a little tender, but those weird bumps have disappeared and it feels a hell of a lot better. At this rate, I’m optimistic that things will return to normal in a matter of days.

God. I don’t know how in the heck it got infected.

Any ideas? I’m guessing it must have been from jacking off with an injury.

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I finally went to a real doctor. He said that I just damaged some of the muscle tissue on the side of my shaft by stretching. He said that the urinary tract infection was unrelated. He said that the muscle tissue was definitely not infected and that it would be very unlikely for that area to ever become infected. We both agreed that it is unusual that the pain has persisted this long. He recommended that I wrap a warm towel around it daily to help the healing process.

I’m glad that it’s not a serious injury. I must have damaged the muscle tissue in my first post, and then damaged it again (probably worse) the second time I stretched it out. For some reason, I thought that stretching it out again would somehow help reduce the strange swelling.

It has gotten a bit better. The swollen lumps must be from the muscle tissue being tensed and knotted up. Instead of rubbing them or trying to stretch the muscle, I should have just been treating it with warm water to loosen it up.

So, that’s the final verdict on this ordeal. I’m going to treat it with some warm water right now. I probably won’t be doing any stretching anytime soon, if ever. Doctors orders.


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