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little black/dark red spots

little black/dark red spots

Maybe blisters? Only a few after an intensive session of hanging/jelqing. Anything to worry about?

Start: 6" length, 4.5" girth / Now: 6.1" length,4.7" girth 1/10/08- 6.25" NBEL length BPEL 6.75" 4.7" Girth

2/12/08- 6.60"NBEL 7" BPEL under head girth- 4.7" base-5"

Time PE'ing:8 months Goal: 10" length, 7" girth My progress thread with pictures: Imasleep's progress thread.Journey to 10x7! Check IT OUT, I have alot of questions posted there with no answers please!

This is most likely from using too much force. They should go away after a day or two, nothing to worry about.

But I think this has been asked several times before. ;)

Yes, it’s because you use too much force doing the exercise. I’ve got the same red spots sometimes, but they go away real quick: after 1 or 2 days. By the way, is it OK to just go on with the exercises with this amount of force? Or is it better to use less? My thought was if you use more force, you would see the results earlier.. Or am I wrong here?

You’re working your dick too hard. Use the red spots as a sign of how far not to push things. Ease back on the intensity just enough not to cause them to appear.

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