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Liquid buildup

Liquid buildup

Just want to ask you, does anyone here knows what would be the effect of liquid buildup on a long time term. The thing is that, almoust at every workout I get liquid buildup just below my gland, but after a couple of hours it passes almoust completely. I want to know if this could effect my “little friend” in a negative way as I advance in this PE thing. NOTE: My PE workout is difrent from any you can find on this site. I”m experimenting with a new tehnique, and so far it has brought me 1.5 cm in lenght over a period of 2 months. Ok, hope to hear from you PE-ars.

PS: Sorry if I didn”t manege to express myself clearly. My English is a little bit rusty

Forgot to tell you, 1.5 cm NBP.

Well, it depends. Newbies often get some fluid build up from using vacuum based PE-devices. If you use some wrapping and make sure you have all of your foreskin pulled back, there should be less fluid build up. Then again, I do not know what you are doing, but chances are it has been tested here. Are you using a narrow tube with very low vacuum for several hours? You know, that technique from that book; Advanced enlargement, or something like that.

I am sure some of the vets and doctors will post about risks regarding fluid build up.


Would you care to explain your ”new technique which is different from any that one can find on Thunder’s”

It will be very interesting for all of us, especially the veterans, I guess.

BTW, your English does not seem to be “rusty”.

I”m in a little hury now, but I”ll explaine it to you a couple of hours latter

The tehnique is something I”ve came up on my one. It resembles with clamping.
Here”s how it goes:
Note: My unit when fully errect is bent upward.
I Don”t do any kind of warmup
Ok, at 70-80% errect, I grab it with the “OK” sign as close as posible to my body, then I kegel hard until the gland is fiilled with blood, I squeze and at the same time, slide the “OK” sign about 1 cm acrooss the shaft until I feel my gland hard as a “rock” . I hold that position for about 25 seconds, then release the “OK” sign. After I released the presure, the errection is about 50%, so I get my errection up to 70-80% again. I repeat the whole thing until I have a total of 300 seconds. From here I do the whole thing again but slighty diffrent. After I”ve got my unit pumped, I bend the shaft against the curvature, and hold that position for about 20 seconds. Release and repeat until I get a total of 100 seconds. And that”s it.
I know that it doesn”t sound much, but it”s working for me. After each sesion I get a good pump in my unit. The only problem is that I get luiquid buildup to. I”ve read somewere around here that the liquid ocurs because to much bloodis pushed into the shaft.
Well in my opinion I think that a little luquid build up tells you that you are realy giveing it a good workout.

OK, hope i didn”t sound silly, and to hear from you.

Basically Ulis and erect bends. How often do you complete this routine? These are advanced exercises and involve high internal pressure. I have not done these enough to give much advice but I am sure some of the vets have experience with them.

babbis, 2 days on, 1 day of, 2 days on, 2 days of. I like to work hard but alsou want to have plenty of rest. I think that 3 days are enough to recover. Come on guys, you are not active here………


Dudes, you are not active here….Ok I”m not insisting anymore….

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