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Light jelqing despite injuries Ideas please.

Light jelqing despite injuries Ideas please.

I have this penis extender, and have been using it in the hope of eliminating some curvature (Peyronie’s?) at the base (to the left) of the shaft. I have only recently got about .3” past EL, and boy is it tough to put the darned thing on when you’re at that point! So I gave my penis a break, and didn’t wear it yesterday, and will try putting it on today to see how it goes.

But I’m thinking of adding a little jelqing to my PE project, only I injured my penis about 7 months ago, and am wondering if it is wise to do this? My injury occurred on the dorsum of my penis, and seems to mainly concern my superficial dorsal vein. I pulled the foreskin a bit too far back while showering, and felt a sharp pain on the dorsum beneath the glans, and noticed soon after that my superior dorsal vein was more prominent, as were the veins which branch out of the area where I felt the pain. Now there’s a little lump there, just about 1/2 - 1 inch below my glans, and I’ve figured out that this is actually my superior dorsal vein “coiling” like a snake when I’m flacid, and it expands with erection. Weird. But it doesn’t really bother me anymore. But aside from that, I seem to have some slight scarring on the left side of my base, making my erection curve slightly to the left.

My question:

Given these symptoms, do you think it’s a good idea to try light jelqing? My penis seems pretty stable; it’s been the same for a while now, and has stopped hurting me. Do you think it’s stupid to try jelqing with a possible mild case of Peyronie’s and a prominent dorsal vein? If I do jelq, I’m planning on not using a whole OK grip, but rather to only grip the sides, hopefully thereby only affecting the corpora cavernosa, since I’m more interested in girth gains. The extender can take care of the length as far as I care.

Any ideas are appreciated, thanks y’all!

I suggest you go see a doctor first or a urologist. Just to make sure everything is fine and you don’t need anything. Given your current situation, I wouldn’t do anymore PE until this problem fully heals.

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Hey, Okish6er, thanks for your reply!

Yeah, I think I’ll take your advice. It would be pretty stupid (oh far too stupid) if I were to injure myself again after what I’ve already been through. You think I’d have learned my lesson, eh? By the way, I have no problem using the penis extender, but I guess jelqing would be pushing it and asking for trouble. The only reason I thought I’d give jelqing a try was because I was getting frustrated with the extender, but realized just now that I had the tension too high.

I have an appointment with a urologist early April, I’ll insist on an ultrasound to figure out exactly what’s going on down there.

Thanks again!

Take it easy. You have already made a good decision by taking an appointment with the urologist. I would lay off PE completely until the problem is fixed. You may get frustrated with the extender again and might injure yourself. In my opinion finding the right tension with any extender has a learning curve.

Do you think, given my description, that I’ll EVER be able to do jelq-like activities? Or do you think I’ve screwed myself up for life? Hopefully not.


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