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Lig Damage...?

Lig Damage...?

Have been using jelq’s & manual stretching, upwards & downwards, but nothing too rigorous.

The lig is very sore, seems very hard under the skin, and hurts like hell if I attempt to stretch downwards, although there’s no pain stretching upward.

Jelqing is difficult as this causes discomfort, though I couldn’t really call if painful.

Is this a temporary situation? (I hope so!!! Can’t wait to start stretching again as I was beginning to notice a gain in girth…)

i have the same problem, if i jelq or squeeze or stretch or anything pretty much then it hurts the left side of my dick. my problem is cronic and prevents me from doing PE very often. sorry to tell you this but try to be very carefull.

im going to see the urolost about it soon so i’ll tell you what he says.

I realize you said “ligs”, but are you really sure that it’s the lig that is damaged or causing pain? Even though you mentioned your exercise as nothing to rigorous, it might be to other tissues that aren’t lig or tunica. Ligs are tough, alot of the other tissues and fascia in the penis are likely no where near as durable. Their purpose and function doesn’t demand it. Quite possible that the irritation or discomfort you are feeling is not actually the lig, but more collateral damage around that area. Might ease off on the manual stretching for a bit and see if things return to a more tolerable level or heal completely.

I realize that intensity and progression are big buzzwords in PE and they are necessary in many cases for gains. Do consider that at times the amount of stress needed to induce gains in the principle gain tissues is vastly greater than the what other tissues affected by exercise can handle. IOW, go slow and mild while the some of the other “stuff” in your dick can adapt and catch-up to the level of intensity needed to induce gain in the primary gain tissues like ligs and tunica.

I made this mistake while hanging quite sometime ago. Progressed very quickly in weight and did a bit of injury to tissues at my penis-body junction. Didn’t really feel much effect in my ligs due to their strength, but other tissues were damaged by this overhurried progression. In retrospect, it would have been much wiser to stay at lower weight and progress slowly to let the weaker tissues involved in hanging stretch and adapt, thereby allowing me to safetly work the ligs at necessary weight and workload.

Manual exercise can be a bitch on this one and I think it calls for even greater caution as the exercise is not as contolled as hanging. Manual stretching can seem mild, but it is actually easy to overdue. Might want to rethink what “nothing to rigorous” actually means to the ligs and tunica and what it means to the other, more delicate tissues in the penis. Alot like walking a bull out of a china shop…it’s not the door (gain tissues) that you want to focus soley on, it’s delicate glass shit (or other tissues) on the way to the door that requires attention and caution. It doesn’t hurt a bit to warm-up and use hot wraps, but they are not going to eliminate the danger completely. It may take more time and not feel like one is achieving much progression this way, but it’s generally a hell of alot safer and eliminates some potential injuries. groa

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