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Keratinization of the Glans - Photos

Keratinization of the Glans - Photos

This post is a photo link from another thread, which is a public forum.

Here’s a photo which shows three glans examples. The Penis on the left is uncut, and shows a “normal” glans. Notice the smooth, shiny appearance.
The penis on the bottom shows quite a bit of keratinization, with grooves and quite rough skin evident. The Penis at the top also shows keratinization, but to a lesser degree than the penis on the bottom.


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I’ve started wearing a condom while a sleep and as often as I can during the day. I’ll cut the reservoir off the tip so I can easily urinate. So far this seems to be having a positive effect. The important thing is to clean the condom daily and maybe after a few days throw it out and use a fresh one. This might be a good solution as long as you’re not allergic or sensitive to latex.

My penis is far more wrinkled with far deeper cracks than even the one on the bottom.

WTF mine does that sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. It usually happenes when i lose blood from my penis ( After erection ) and when im fully hard it doesnt.

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And also I am uncircumsized :S

That’s why I sometimes find, circumcised dicks unattractive looking.

Sad that so many people don’t know what a normal penis looks like.

Sad? Do you want Kleenex tissues with that?

What’s the big deal?

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