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Karma strikes, blister from pumping, it's a doozy.


Karma strikes, blister from pumping, it's a doozy.

Not more than a couple of days ago, I made a post about pumping and mentioned how high I normally go.
inches-au - Vacuum Pumping 101

I normally have no problems doing this but I haven’t pumped in a while.
So today I pack the tube in about an hour and put on my neck strap (keeps me at an upwards angle) then did some house cleaning, including bending over a lot to pick things up.
Well as some of you regular pumpers may know, when you bend over while pumping, your cock ‘pulls back’ and it adds a litttle more pressure than normal.

So I wasn’t paying attention and I’ve given myself a huge blister, it doesn’t hurt at all (yet!) but it’s quite funny, I thought some of you might appreciate it, because it looks ridiculous.
The flared up cock is pretty normal after a heavy session and normally looks good when erect, with a great baseball bat effect, my ex used to love it pumped, doesn’t look so good flaccid.

None the less that huge bubble at the tip is not meant to happen.
So a warning to you all and I suppose a lesson to myself is to keep at a sensible pressure!

(I really hope this thing doesn’t burst in bed while I’m asleep, according to wikipedia, the longer I don’t burst it, the less likely it will hurt)

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Let me be the first:


Make sure you post a picture of the scab its going to leave too. It will make for a good warning for other people who get crazy with the pressure and leave the pump on too long.

Anyways, I hope you heal soon and be sensible when you get back into PE.

It doesn’t hurt a bit, I just woke up and it hasn’t subsided any last night either though, still the same size.
Incredible stuff, I think this could have hapenned due to me not being able see and check up properly in the tube though also.

Vacutech clear tube, cloudy or icy look to it.

Ok well I just got home from work and felt extra sweaty - oh it’s burst and leaked! Damn this thing is huge, it’s twice the size of the reservoir tip on a condom and now only half full of clear liquid.

I have a feeling I won’t be pumping for several weeks.

Holy shit. That thing looks evil. The blister I could deal with, it’s going to go away eventually. What I would be worried about is if it’s going to leave a scar. Would hate to have to explain that to every future partner.

Get the neosporin ointment and keep it (liberally) swathed in it.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Nah she’ll be fine, it’s circumcised and so the skin is tough as leather >:(

It popped and hurt briefly tonight - I’ll deal with the loose skin maybe tomorrow.

Wow. Well best of luck to you dude. That just definately scared me into REALLY easing into the pump that is comming on thursday.

I am not PE expert but in my mind there is no doubt that water pumping is definitively better. I have never had a blister and the penis looks quite natural when taken out of the tube.

Take your time to get used to it, pumping is so much fun, I don’t even do it for PE.

Stick to 5hg or less for your first 8 weeks after that you should know your system a bit better.

I don’t think I’ll exceed 9 anymore, this last session I was doing 11/12 at points and for longer than normal!

** throws pump into the garbage **

Don’t do that, they are too much fun.
P.S It burst tonight it doesn’t hurt at all and I’ve already managed to err ‘relieve myself’ I’m surprised at how quick it’s healing.

Pumping is great fun and amazing for short term girth gains on the g/f or b/f of your choice.

EEEEK! Thanks man. This was a real eye opener for me as I am only 2 weeks into pumping.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Pumped over a year, and i will say I am blessed not to have experience blisters or excessive lymph.

I literally let out a muffled scream when I saw that picture. And I mean literal literally, not figurative literally.

I’m sure it will heal, but it sure has a shock factor.

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