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Karma strikes, blister from pumping, it's a doozy.


This is very similar to the blister I gave myself with a vac-extender. It was a little larger and lower (more on the underside of the glans).

Let me tell you, the exposed skin beneath the blister hurt like hell anytime something brushed against it. I had to bandage it for several days. It took a about a week to heal, but blistered right back up even under very low tension/vacuum. Give yourself a couple weeks (and maybe more) before doing any vacuum-related activities.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

I figure at least 3 weeks before any more pumping so that’s fine.
It burst after 20 hours, hurt for the next 2 or 3 as it lightly rubbed on my pants and now it’s fine.

I’ll give a 48 hour update pic tonight.

Originally Posted by inches-au
Don’t do that, they are too much fun.
P.S It burst tonight it doesn’t hurt at all and I’ve already managed to err ‘relieve myself’ I’m surprised at how quick it’s healing.

Pumping is great fun and amazing for short term girth gains on the g/f or b/f of your choice.

Please post a new pic when it all heals up.

Started: 15.5cm x 12cm, Now: 19.5cm x 13.3cm, Goal: 21cm x 15cm

I'm going to reach my goal, and there is no one who can stop me! Yes, I'm a persistent bastard :D

My Pictures! I am back baby, and I will hang out with my wang out!

Wow you might be able to tell the future with a crystal ball like that.

Sorry about the lack of a picture, I just forgot.

It’s in good order now, nearly completely fine and overall no pain, phew.

Will refraim from pumping for a bonus week.

Haha it sort of looked photoshopped on. Crazy picture dude glad its all cleared up.

Ok here’s the fresh pics, I think it’s been almost exactly 10 days, the skin is a dash dry on the tip and some discolouration, I figure another 10 days and I can do whatever I like with it again.

Did have light scabbing, no blood at one point, I tore that off about 5 days ago and it was just tender underneath, never pulled a scab from my dick before.
Also time to lose the fat pad, I really do look 31, it’s sad.

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