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Jelqing Injury or is it all in my head?


Jelqing Injury or is it all in my head?

I started Jelqing only once a week (can you believe it?), I did it only for about 7 times altogether: between 40 and 80 reps every time twice. I did the warm-up for 5-10 minutes and the warm-down for the same duration.

Now the first time I jelqed I had floppy penis for a couple of days then the best erection after that, I felt happy so I did it again , every time I did it my penis went floppy for few days then regains power and it looked bigger and stronger. (Blood flow I mean , not that it got bigger but it was definitely bigger when flaccid )

The time before the last time it was floppy and I didn’t even had morning erections so I did Jelq again and then my penis went even floppier and I noticed when I stretch it it is like jelly or something: Too soft

Two weeks later and no strong morning erections and no sex drive and no good erections when trying to have sex. I am honestly very worried I might have caused an injury to my penis.

I noticed a reddish spot on the base of the head of the penis that turned bluish then grey, it’s still there and I don’t know what it is.

Any advice is appreciated especially from veterans.

One thing is for sure: Jelqing is not for me, my brother said he did it with great results but again he is a liar but for me it wasn’t a good experience

Ease up the grip. Rest for two weeks, then, if you ever go back to jelqing, be sure that you know what are you doing :never jeql at more than 70% erection never girp too tight never use an OK grip.

Never use an ok grip? Really ? I was told otherwise !! Could this be the problem? All the rest of your instructions I did correctly.

Just an update : I checked the head of my penis now and the greyish spot is reddish again now and it’s bigger, what the hell is going on ?

Yeah really.

About the spot, it just sounds like a blood spot, upload a pic so we can give a better evaluation.

See my site for a safer approach than the OK grip.


Originally Posted by marinera
Yeah really.

About the spot, it just sounds like a blood spot, upload a pic so we can give a better evaluation.

This is the pic

Attached Images
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I don’t see anything strange.

It’s not a very clear image but I have a red oval spot on the base of the head of the penis. This doesn’t worry me more than the inability to have adequate erections in the morning or spontaneous erections, I have to stimulate myself using my hand and the erection quality is poor.
Yesterday I took some Cialis and I managed to have sex with decent erection but I feel it’s a bit weaker than normal. I am now taking Arginine for the last week and there’s some improvement today but this is maybe due to the effect of Cialis but still this gives me hope.
I did jelqing using the OK grip which appeared to be wrong as said some members here to my surprise, I wanna ask: what are the side effects of an OK grip ? I mean what kind of injury does this cause?
Will my penis heal completely ??
Please help !

For me no matter what happens next jelqing is a thing of the past for me , I will never do it again. I have a 7.5” inch penis but I was greedy and stupid

An OK grip puts stress on the dorsal nerve and the urethra and doesn’t allow much room for the blood to go as it moves up the shaft, a C grip on the other hand does not put stress on these two vulnerable areas and allows more blood to be pushed into the CS where a lot of girth gains come from initially.

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Originally Posted by Maverick12

…… I mean what kind of injury does this cause?

Will my penis heal completely ??

Please help !


The foremost potential dangers are urethral bleeding an tunica rupture (extremely unlikely though). Blood spots aren’t even listed as injuries. If your erection is low a mix of overtraning and anxiety is the culprit. Whatever injury you could cause to yourself with jelqing, it would heal. There isn’t any reliable story I have ever heard of permanent injury caused by jelqing.

Cheers everybody especially marinera, I think I will be fine as the improvement is there but no more jelqing for me. I know it works for some and I know people who claimed it worked for them, it actually worked for me slightly which encouraged me to carry on but it was a mistake. I am sure now the OK grip is the culprit but never mind

Thank you

Originally Posted by Tom Hubbard
See my site for a safer approach than the OK grip.


Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know that I will be following your specific method of Jelqing and stretching from now on. About 5 days ago while I was dry jelqing I felt a pain, my penis went numb and felt as if I had the symptoms of a panic attack come on spontaneously ( my heart started racing, got a head rush and I felt very hot). I took a couple of days rest and upon returning to my regimen I took it easy. I was fine the first day but the second day of continuing I felt the exact same pain as described above, except this time it occurred while I was stretching.I would like to further explain that I had a grip at about mid shaft and was doing a light stretch while the upper half of my penis was engorged as if i was clamping (So that I could have an adequate grip.)

I have decided to take another couple of days of and upon returning use your methods as they seem much safer than what I was doing before. I am also moving back to wet jelquing.

I also would like to point out to a ?possible? typo on your page:

Lying on your back, get your hands in position, and do a strong Kegel. Now grip tightly, put your forearms on your hip bones for leverage, and pull up toward your navel (belly button). Hold a pleasant (never painful) tension for 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. “As with the other exercise, you can do this completely erect.”

The segment above^ in quotations…

Is it possible that you meant to say “you can NOT do this completely erect?

Anyways thanks and cheers.

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It seems I am far from being fine, even with Cialis Iam struggling now. Morning wood non-existant again and sex drive is very minimal, this is starting to affect me really badly. I was referred to a Urologist and it s going to take few weeks before I see him/her, My GP doesn t even know what Jelqing means and I had to make a complaint to get referred to a Urologist. I had some improvement earlier but it seemed to have gotten worse now. Yesterday I managed to have sex using Cialis but I had to stimulate my penis using my hand for about 10 mins before I got an erection. This morning very weak morning erection.

I am now sure I did some damage to my penis and I am really worried now

One more thing I noticed bros: When I have an erection the head of the penis stays limp and it’s like it’s disconnected from the rest of the penis, any idea what this could be ?

Libido has to do with hormones and neurochemicals, not with the health of your penis. Morning woods are linked to the need to piss while sleeping more than anything else. Drink a liter of water before going to sleep and likely you’ll have ‘morning wood’.

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