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Jelqing Injury Help Please

Jelqing Injury Help Please

Hi Guys,

Summary: I hurt myself jelqing. I saw a urologist after a month and he told me he didn’t think I did any permanent damage and to leave my dick alone mostly but test sex out gradually until fully healed. I am still having some pain over a month later and want advice.

I apologize that this isn’t in the injury forum, I haven’t posted enough to post this there.

Full story:
At the end of October 2015 I injured myself jelqing by squeezing too hard and likely doing sessions that were far too intense. I felt kind of a jolt in my glans and then the sensation subsided. I had been doing manual exercises since April of 2015.

Over the next couple of days, one specific spot on the underside of the head felt sore in a way that I should have listened to and stopped all PE until it went away. I did not. I kept jelqing, stretching, and edging regularly for another two weeks before I listened to the pain in the head, which by that point was rather persistent and distracting, this is mid November.

I stopped having sex with my partner and stopped masturbating. At the beginning of December, I saw a urologist who I told that I had been PEing and asked him to help me with my injury. He immediately told me PE is a scam and that he hopes I didn’t pay any money for anything etc. I didn’t want to get into an argument with him about the gains I have had myself, let alone all the reports on here, so I said “ok sure doc, just fix me up alright?”

The urologist inspected me and pointed out one spot on the glans, where the discomfort occurs, and said it looks a little inflamed but other than that he thinks I am fine. He told me to try having sex and see how I feel after. If it hurts, he said wait two weeks and try again. Repeat until fully healed.

It has now been 6 weeks since I saw the doctor. I am usually pain free or just experience some slight irritation, but the pain does come and go sometimes throughout the day. It feels like a dull ache or an intense itchiness on one small, slightly reddish spot on my dick head maybe the size of a sesame seed. I get plenty of night time erections and I can have sex with my partner without discomfort. Any irritation seems to come on without correlation to whether or not I had sex. Tight pants or my dick getting crushed into the side of my leg when sitting seem to cause the most discomfort.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Does anyone think I should see another doctor since the pain is still there, or is this a type of injury that may just take a frustratingly long time to heal? The doctor didn’t give me an actual diagnosis for what I did, any idea what I actually did to the tissue in the glans?

Thanks in advance, especially if you read the whole story. I know this injury is my fault, especially because I was not using appropriate caution with respect to my intensity and grip. If I return to PE when healed I will be much more careful. But first I just want to have my dick feel 100% normal again.

Pretty sure it will go away by itself, just do not masturbate and PE until it goes away, but keep having sex cause it’s healthy for you and also your unit.

Thanks Accro.

Any idea as to what I actually damaged? Burst blood vessel maybe? I didn’t have any bruising though so that seems unlikely. Or maybe I just over-stretched some tissue that is now repairing itself?

Hi Jason1980,

A few of the senior members of this forum are doctors and physios so more qualified to answer than I, however I was married to a doctor for 20 years so I have some lay medical knowledge.

One possibility you have a thrombosis in a vein deep in your penis. Most likely the red spot you can see is the tip of a larger injury.

These injuries do take a while to heal but there should be no long term affects. You might use some Hirudoid cream on it 3 times a day for 3 or 4 days and see if that helps.

The usual treatment for a thrombosis is aspirin to thin the blood and dissolve the clot. You didn’t mention major swelling or bruising I don’t think that you have ruptured a vessel but I am reluctant to advise you on this course in case you have ruptured a vein - it might cause you to bleed again.

Good luck and let us know how you go. A good warning to all to listen to your body!

Thanks for your input, timeoutfortony.

Definitely a warning to listen to your body and not be overzealous! Slow and steady is safer.

As far as it being thrombosis, if I push on the spot or feel around it, nothing feels hard or “clotted”. To the touch of my fingers, the tissue just feels the same as my penis did before the injury. Is it possible to rupture a blood vessel and not get excessive bruising? If the vessel was deep enough in the center of the head, for instance, might I not see much surface bruising at all?

The structure of the penis is complicated and compartmentalized. A small rupture deep in the penis might not yield surface bruising or much swelling. Either way there is likely to be a small clot so the treatment with Hiudoid cream may help - make sure you rub it in for quite a while to get penetration.

The other possibility is a slight tear where the tendon transitions to facia. If, when semi hard your glans are pulled slightly to one side, this may indicate inflammation associated with a small tear. If you suspect inflammation, you could try a 7 day course of a non-prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Voltaren tablets. Heed the warnings on the packet.

Good luck and don’t worry! I am sure you will be fine.

Thanks again for your help, timefortony. There is no pulling to one side, just the intermittent dull pain and the small red spot that can change in shade throughout the day. Sometimes the spot is skin color and other times it’s a deeper red color.

I appreciate the suggestion for the heparinoid cream, but I may just see if I can wait this out over time. It has been getting gradually better, so maybe patience is all I need, especially if it doesn’t sound like anything serious.

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