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Jelqing injury Hard flaccid recovery

Jelqing injury Hard flaccid recovery

I know I’m not posting this in the right place, but I can’t post it in “Injuries and treatments” for some reason. Maybe a moderator can put this where belongs or something, because I want to tell my experience because I felt completely hopeless from reading all of the horror stories about this and how people were saying it ruined their lives and I couldn’t find anything hopeful about it. It really messed with my head and I lost a lot of sleep over it, and I think stressing out about it actually does make it worse, and I feel like my experience could give other people some hope because I’m recovering very nicely so far.

So I’ve been jelqing and stretching on and off now for a few months. I started out jelqing at around 50% erection level and was moving up to higher and higher levels. I’d recently started doing fully erect jelqs [I know I’m fucking stupid] and I thought I was being careful. After like a week of no PE, on early morning 3/22/16 I did warmed up for 20 minutes , did 5 minutes of stretching and like 100 fully erect jelqs, and 100 80% erect jelqs, and I was finally going to try and get into a routine following the newbie routine [2 days on 1 day off]. So on early morning 3/23/16 my penis felt and looked great and pumped and was working perfectly, so I put on a warm wrap for like 15 minutes, stretched for 5 minutes, and then put on a warm wrap for another 5 minutes, and then started to jelq while fully erect. I usually do around 20-30 fully erect jelqs at a time before I started to lose my erection and I’d take a moment to re-lube, but this time I didn’t lose my erection and I did 50 fully erect jelqs. At like 47 jelqs in I felt a small tingling sensation in my glans and right below my glans, I continued to jelq, and at 50 jelqs it turned into a sharp burning sensation so I stopped. It wasn’t too painful, not painful enough for me to lose my erection and the pain started to go away, so I decided to cum right after, wrapped my penis for 5 minutes, and just thought I over-worked my penis a bit. An hour later I decided I’d check to see if I was alright, so I got up to about a 95% level erection pretty easily and inspected my penis, and everything seemed alright, so I decided I’d gently masturbate real quick, but as I came it felt weird right below my glans. I took a 3 hour nap after that thinking everything was okay with my penis, and after my nap I tried to get an erection again, but couldn’t even get a slight erection, and my penis seemed shriveled up and lifeless. I started reading about jelqing injuries online, but wasn’t really sure what was wrong with my penis yet. Hours later I started to notice symptoms of hard flaccid which made me really start to worry. My flaccid penis was stiffer than usual, especially while I was standing up. So I started searching the internet about what I should do for hard flaccid, and all I could find were horror stories about this condition. I finally came across some useful information after getting mind fucked over and over.

I read about the reverse kegel which I think may have saved my penis. I think knowing this information early after your injury could be very important and might be why I’m recovering so well. What I’ve been doing for the past few days is laying in bed on my back, doing reverse kegels, as well as soaking my penis and pubic area in warm water, or a warm rag, etc. From what I’ve read and what I’ve been experiencing, I’m pretty certain hard flaccid is being caused from the pelvic floor muscle being to tight, and It cuts off blood circulation to your penis and testicles. DON’T do normal kegels, just do reverse kegels. Don’t frantically do reverse kegels either, just lay down and relax and do some reverse kegels every few minutes to make sure blood is getting to your penis. Normal kegels would probably make the problem even worse. I think this happened to me as my bodies response to try and prevent me from damaging my penis even more by cutting off circulation to the area, or my injury messed with the pelvic floor muscle somehow. The problem with that is the penis can’t heal itself if it’s not getting any blood circulation, and the lack of blood circulation could cause even more damage.

When I would stand up my flaccid penis would get hard, and my glans would feel colder than usual. So avoid standing as much as possible, luckily I had nothing to do, so I’ve been able to just lay in bed all day doing reverse kegels. So if you have to go to work, I highly recommend you take some time off, because I think the early stages of this are very important, and standing a lot, and putting stress on your pelvic floor muscle, and having blood circulation cut off from your penis and testicles in these early stages could make it even worse. My penis would almost feel normal sometimes, and It felt much softer while laying down and doing reverse kegels, which let me know it was getting blood circulation.

On my first day of recovery, my penis was a bit sore and my mind was even more sore from all of the terrifying stories I read online, but I was finally able to find a story similar to mine that gave me hope of recovery, and it eased my mind so much. Later that night while laying in bed I was even able to get like a 50% erection without touching my penis or anything, and I took this as very good news, considering it was my first day of recovery. So I think the hard flaccid problem is like 50% a physical problem and 50% a psychological problem at first. But if you allow your penis to have very little blood circulation for a long time it probably will do irreversible damage and will become more of a physical problem than a psychological problem.

Second day of recovery, my penis was barely sore at all, and I could almost get a full erection after some laying down and some reverse kegels. But when I’d stand up my flaccid penis would get hard. And throughout the day I continuously would give my self short small erections, so my penis would repair itself the right way without preventing me from getting full erections. Late in the second day I decided I’d give myself a full erection and just let it be for a while, because I think all of the fresh blood engorging it would be a good thing, and help it repair itself faster, but while doing this and gently stimulating my penis to keep it up, I accidentally started clenching/kegeling from time to time and this agitated my pelvic floor muscle and made me lose my erection and I couldn’t get it back. It freaked me out, and I thought I might have screwed myself by doing this. A few hours later after warm wraps and laying down and reverse kegeling I was able to get a semi-erection and I stopped getting erection and let my penis rest all night.

Third day of recovery I could easily get a full erection again, and would get full erections from time to time for short periods of time just to make sure I could, and make sure my penis is healing itself properly. My flaccid penis still got hard while standing up, and I couldn’t pee while standing up.

Fourth day of recovery my penis didn’t get as hard while standing up and I was able to get an almost full erection while standing up. Continued laying down and reverse kegeling, wrapping my penis and pubic area and getting erections for short periods of time throughout the day.

Fifth day of recovery[today] Everything seems good. My penis doesn’t get hard while standing up, but I haven’t stood for a long period of time. I noticed a weird feeling right above my left testicle where it connects to the penis, and there are veins there that seem a bit swollen, but I did some reading online and it doesn’t seem like it’s something to worry about right away and I don’t think it’s connected to my injury. I just put an ice pack on it for a bit and the weird feeling and swelling goes away, I think it might be from all of the reverse kegels I’ve been doing. I even felt confident enough to gently masturbate to an orgasm this morning, and everything is still fine. IT’S AN EASTER MIRACLE! :D I’m still going to take it easy, and not masturbate often for at least another week, or until everything feels completely normal. Also my penis skin is peeling off a little bit in a few small areas, mainly right under my glans, not anything to worry about.

I think I’m going to make a full recovery, but I’m not sure if there will be any long term effects or not. Either I had a very minor case of hard flaccid, or keeping a lot of blood circulation in the beginning is very important to fully recovering, and recovering quickly. I think all is good, but only time will tell.

I’m going to continue to avoid standing as much as possible, and warm wrap my penis and pubic area, but I’m only going to reverse kegel if I need to, to avoid agitating whatever is going on right above my left testicle.
I’ll continue to update my recovery process.

Got a few more erections today, and started noticing a slight tugging feeling in the left side of my penis when I’d have an erection. I also noticed a small bump on the left underside of my penis right under my glans when I have an erection. The hard flaccid is back when I stand up now, but it isn’t as bad as before. I can barely get an erection at the moment, So I’m going to try to not let it bother me and get some sleep tonight. And tomorrow I’m not going to get any erections, and I’m just going to let my penis rest all day. I still have high hopes.

Also any info on what this tugging feeling could be, and If I should be worried about this lump would be helpful.

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Don’t listen to some of the things I said here. Consistently getting erections puts stress on certain types of injuries and prolongs recovery, masturbation puts a lot of stress on certain injuries and prolongs recovery. My hard flaccid symptoms are mostly gone, but still show up sometimes usually only while I’m standing. Reverse kegels are good for hard flaccid.

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