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Jelqing injury Can't get erection

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Jelqing injury Can't get erection

Put this in “Injuries and treatments” please.

I injured myself while jelqing my fully erect penis 6 days ago. I felt a sharp burning sensation under the glans of my penis in the foreskin area, so I stopped and the burning sensation went away shortly after. I was experiencing symptoms of hard flaccid, but those symptoms are pretty much gone now. I was able to get full erections for the past 4 days, until yesterday. I was wrapping my penis in a warm towel and I got an erection while doing so, and since then every-time I would get an erection, it would get weaker and weaker.

When I try to get an erection now, I feel a very slight sharp pain in an area on the left side of my penis under the glans in the foreskin area, but my penis doesn’t get erect at all. It is also very slightly swollen in that area. Is this something I should see a doctor about ASAP? I’d really prefer not to have to go through the embarrassment of explaining this to my parents if I don’t have to, but if someone who knows what they are talking about thinks this is serious, I will go see a doctor.

Do you think it could be a broken blood vessel?

Give it rest. No erections, nothing at all. Think in terms of at least seven days.

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Originally Posted by Titleist

Give it rest. No erections, nothing at all. Think in terms of at least seven days.

Have you heard of something like this happening before? How serious is this injury on a scale of 1 to 10 do think? 1 being “it will fully recover”, and 10 being “I’ll never get an erection again”.

How old are you?

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Leave it alone and forget about it for a few weeks and 99% chance you’ll be fine.

These things are usually a very minor injury compounded by folk getting stressed about it.

If after 2 weeks or so you’re still worried then think about seeing a doctor.

There is a slightly red area within the slightly swollen area. It is about the size of the tip of the little finger. I’ve noticed it since I first got the injury, but I thought it was just irritated skin or something. It doesn’t seem as red as it was when I first noticed it a few days ago. But now I’m noticing a slightly red line going all the way down the left underside of my penis and it’s sensitive. My penis is also unusually light and soft. I’m really starting to worry now, I’m going to post pictures.

If you have bruised a vein the only thing to do is leave it to heal, which it will.

First picture is the top left side of penis. And the second picture is the bottom of my penis.

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Originally Posted by capernicus1

If you have bruised a vein the only thing to do is leave it to heal, which it will.

What can I do to help it heal? Should I continue to warm wrap it, or should I put an ice pack on it? Any tips are helpful.

Honestly just rest it, warm wraps won’t do any harm but it’s better mentally not to focus on it.

I’ve had my fair share of injurys for what it’s worth.

Thank you, that is a little bit reassuring. But it’s hard not to focus on it, there is a constant sensitive/tender feeling in the left side of my penis. It’s not painful, but it’s annoying.

The constant sensitivity feeling has greatly diminished. Good news right?

I’ve also been doing some reading about bruises and damaged blood vessels in general [not specifically on the penis], and putting ice on them constricts the blood vessels to prevent the bruise from getting bigger. While warming them expands the blood vessels which could lead to more bleeding. So I think during the early stages of this injury I should put ice on the area to constrict the damaged vessels so they don’t leak. Is there any reason I shouldn’t do this?

Shit, I’ve been taking pepto-bismol recently and I just read some of the warnings on it. “Don’t take if you have bleeding problems (EG, hemophilia), active bleeding ulcer, black or bloody stools, or Von Willebrand disease” I really hope this isn’t affecting my penis’s ability to heal itself.

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