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Jelqing injury Can't get erection

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Maybe it’s not a matter of what strangers can do, but more a matter of people not trying to shut the person down. It can be therapeutic to just talk through some of this stuff as it’s happening, and helpful to others when people document their experiences. The OP has documented everything very clearly, and the progression of the thread is coherent and informative. If people take some pieces of this thread, put it all in a list and break up the progression, it makes it sound like something it isn’t.

From the beginning, the underlying, main symptoms have remained, making improvements or getting worse after certain physical activity. There has been speculation about what they could be, but it comes in response to physically noticing or seeing them.

One of the most inconsistent things would have been the doctors, contradicting one another, etc. and I think that is what he is working on right now, while just keeping people updated on it.

I post my symptoms for people to tell me what it could be, and give me some useful info on what to do with these symptoms, or someone who has had similar symptoms and recovered to tell me about their experience with these symptoms. And I also give some speculation on what these symptoms could be, from reading about similar symptoms online. I post to get useful info, not to have people tell me the symptoms I’m experiencing are all in my head. It was helpful at first because I was freaking out and stuff and it was nice to have people tell me everything is fine, but I’m not freaking out anymore, and I just want information. If you don’t have any information to give that’s fine, but don’t go saying it’s all in my head.

I’m going to get an ultrasound done to find out what the lumps in my groin are and what the marks on my penis are.

Great get the ultra sound and tell us the results. I would caution you that if nothing is found on the ultra sound then do not blame the doctors. They simply interpret what the test results show them. They cannot fix what they do find and there is no conspiracy by the doctors to keep you ill.

With a doppler ultrasound, before the test, be sure to ask them what the normal range for inflow and outflow are, and afterwards, ask them what your exact numbers were.

Originally Posted by inspirit99

With a doppler ultrasound, before the test, be sure to ask them what the normal range for inflow and outflow are, and afterwards, ask them what your exact numbers were.

Do they do the ultrasound on the penis while it’s erect or while it’s flaccid? I haven’t scheduled the appointment yet, do I have to ask for a specific type of test?

A doppler ultrasound would be done with the penis erect unless it doesn’t get erect, or fully erect, from the penile injection that they would give you beforehand. A doppler ultrasound wouldn’t identify any type of structural damage or issue. The injection forces the blood vessels to dilate and allows them to see your inflow and outflow.

There is range of normal inflow and outflow, and if you are within that range, they could tell you it’s normal and not mention if it is on the lower end, or very close to the lowest still within normal range, which is why I’d ask what the normal range is prior to them starting the test and get your numbers afterwards.

Also, in some people with pelvic issues, dopplers have come back normal when they are lying on their back, but abnormal, for instance, blood flowing back into the penis that should be flowing out, when standing up. So if your erections, or other issues, are much better when lying on your back and much worse when standing, you may want to insist on having it done while standing.

The doppler ultrasound is really the only semi widely used test in such situations. Other tests for various types of structural damage in the region are limited in use and capability. They would likely agree to a doppler ultrasound if you insist on it, but others would be more difficult.

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Originally Posted by inspirit99
A doppler ultrasound wouldn’t identify any type of structural damage or issue.

How will it be useful in identifying an injury then ?

It is much more difficult to get an erection while standing up. I’ll definitely insist to do it while standing when I get it. I’ll probably have to do a different kind of ultrasound test for the lumps then huh? I’ll probably just get the ultrasound for the lumps first to make sure they are nothing serious if they can’t do both tests in the same appointment and then I’ll do the doppler ultrasound at another time if things don’t improve. I think I might try Hirudoid cream in the meantime for my damaged veins. Anyone have experience with Hirudoid cream in a situation like this, and is it safe to put on your penis? Maybe the ultrasound they use for the lumps can see if there is damage in my penis too, I’ll ask.

Yea, your best bet would be to get a doppler ultrasound while standing up then. What will likely happen is that during the next appointment you will have to talk to them about it, and then they will schedule you to come back later for another appointment to have it done. Remember to ask for the normal range of blood inflow and outflow before they do it, and then ask for your numbers after, and on having it done standing. If there are problems with the bloodflow on the doppler, they may mention trying Viagra, Cialis, etc.

One problem with the doppler though is they try to force you to get a erect with a penile injection, and you don’t want to aggravate your injury. Also, it won’t tell you anything other than what your blood flow and outflow are. So it might not be worth it, especially if you’ve had issues with the injury getting aggravated.

For the lumps, the fact that the doctor initially wanted to to a CAT scan is good, hopefully they would be able to get insurance to cover the test, but it sounds like the CAT scan would be the first step.

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Did a doctor order the doppler test?

No, looks like I won’t be getting any ultra sound test, at least not yet. The dick doc I went to a while back scheduled me to get an ultra sound except he ignored mostly everything I said. All he heard was when I told him about the swelling above my left testicle, so that’s all he told them to give me an ultra sound for. I called back to reschedule the appointment and they said they would only do my testicles, I can’t ask for a specific test either, a doctor has to tell them to give me that test. I am going to see a new doctor about the lumps in my groin though, and hopefully they’ll give me some sort of scan and tell me what the lumps are.

Testicular ultrasound is one test they are just all too eager to do. With one doc I saw awhile back, one who had actually done a doppler ultrasound, I was asking him if we could do some other test to check to see what actual damage there were in the penis, and he said sure we’ll do something next appointment. The next appointment, he did a testicular ultrasound. I told him that he said he was going to check for damage in the penis and he said ‘Oh I thought we were going to do testicles.’ He never did any further testing after that either, he just gave me Viagra.

Oh for fuck sake, let it go poople and everyone else. You need to move on with your life. You’re a nervous kid and you have convinced yourself there is something wrong with you after doctors have told you there is nothing. Relax and start enjoying life. Wear some underwear that supports your junk and get in shape. Jesus Christmas, I can’t believe I’m posting in this thread again.

Well that doctor that I saw did say that there was something wrong, as shown by the doppler. Despite not doing further testing, he did take the time to have a discussion with me about how they don’t do any different surgeries other than a penile implant for these issues because of drastic unreliability.

I could get into a lot more detail, but this isn’t my thread so I don’t want to get off topic. All I can say is that if people get upset from reading about other people’s injuries then I suppose that they don’t really have to. In the end it looks like the OP isn’t here to argue or get pulled into arguments from others but rather document his experience, which he has done very clearly.

He has also displayed that he doesn’t care what his doctors say about the health of his penis. He has also discarded suggestions from members. Do you think we haven’t seen an injury thread like this before? PE makes guys much more aware of their penis than they were before. In some instances guys over analyze or get so focused on thinking there is something wrong with them that they can’t let it go.

I’m not saying that there are no legitimate injuries from PE or other activities, I’m saying that if guys continue to obsess over an injury that medical professionals have advised was not there, sometimes they get lost in the obsession.

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