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Jelqing has destroyed my life A warning.

I hope he recovers

Originally Posted by capernicus1
Why have you joined ?

To show other people that he’s not a troll and telling the truth I don’t care for PE I was happy with what I got I never even knew what Jelqing was till around 6 months ago and I suffered the same as WW. People don’t believe you can damage your penis from this but you can. I don’t think there is any point me explaining how I got injured I’ll just be told I’m trolling


Feel free to detail your experience. I note that when you joined you said you had no PE experience and now you say you have 6 months and injured yourself. Have you been to a doctor? Have you got a diagnosis? Have you had any diagnoses ruled out? If so, I’m sure that would be useful to others in the thread complaining of similar symptoms.

I agree with you that not all the comments on this thread have been helpful, useful or indeed nice. The overwhelming experience of people here, including mine, is that jelqing is both safe and effective, so I’m not surprised that people are questioning motives, digging in and trying to pool knowledge - that is the point of a forum but it could be done with greater care and more empathy.

It takes one person with a diagnosis to help guide other people and inform their medical care. So, if you have something that might help others, please share it and if others have information that may help you, I’d encourage them to share it also. It seems this is an edge case and potentially there are different issues sharing similar symptoms but the number of people effected is likely to be much higher than the three or so people who’ve posted in this thread.

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Memento thank you basically I suffered my injury from overhand masturbation it’s really that simple. Basically I was hanging with my friends and we were doing what guys do ya know playing games console having a laugh talking about girls sex etc when one of my mates mentioned over hand masturbation it’s basically masturbating with the okay sign you make from Jelqing I think you will understand the motion well I did that for maybe 2-3 mins max and since then that moment I’ve had the same symptoms as WW I only found out about Jelqing when I searched my symptoms to find out what was going on I stumbled across it. I didn’t go hard with masturbation at all but now 6 months down the line I’m here it’s hard to believe but I promise that’s all I did

Thanks Moore. So you’ve never jelqed. Many people here have done a lot of overhand jelqing, which is much more intensive than overhand masturbation, so I think it’s fair to say your response is unusual.

Could you list your symptoms just for future reference, so that someone else can come along and check theirs against yours. I’m cognisant that we could be talking about several issues in this thread with similar but not entirely overlapping symptoms, so any detail you could add might help down the line if not now. It might be good if you can talk a little about your general health too. I take it you are fairly young, so nothing age related, and you don’t have any issues like diabetes? There may be something linking all the people in this thread other than shared symptoms but it’s yet to come up.

One of the things we do, as humans, is try to make links between things and sometimes we mistake correlation for causation. I’d encourage you and anyone else to think outside of the box on the issue and mention things that seem unrelated.

Have you been to a doctor? What kind of response have you got? If not please do go and ask for a cholesterol and diabetes test to rule things out. These tests are relatively cheap, so even NHS GPs are fairly willing to do them if asked.

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I’ve never jelqued as I said I only found out about it after I got injured. All I can say is it was a similar motion to Jelqing but I wasn’t forcing blood up to the penis like Jelqing does I was more masturbation with a firm grip but overhand as I said and it was only when I found out about Jelqing and watched the videos I realized it was kinda similar. My symptoms are and sorry I’ll list with numbers to make it clearer
1.numbness/no sensitivity
2.veins more prominent and bulgy erections w-out constant stimulation
4.libido almost 100% gone
5.penis is shrivelled and always cold

I’m 24 healthy have a girlfriend and 2 year old daughter (she’s the only thing keeping me here atm) really depressed from this. I was tested for diabetes and had testerone all was normal.

Thanks. I encourage you to carry on sharing. I know it’s tough but there is at least a chance that we will stumble across something here by pooling what has been tested medically.

So you’ve actually gone to a doctor with this problem? Or the tests were for another reason.

Can I suggest you test a couple of things for yourself, if you haven’t already.

1/ Try to get hold of some viagra on prescription. See how that interacts with your problem.
2/ Try a male sexual herbal supplement. I’ve used Male Response from Source Naturals before and found it good. It can be ordered from the US without duty because it’s cheap but it does contain yohimbe, so it’s something to be cautious about (heart palpitations). I’m sure there are other people who know a lot more about herbs than me who could recommend a better stack. The point is to try something that should make you horny as fuck and hopefully give you spontaneous erections and see whether that has an effect on you.

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Yeah I’ve been to my GP and a urologist the urologist gave me viagra and it worked I got an erection to be honest I’ve used the viagra about 3 times now and it’s worked however it’s a struggle sometimes because my libido is so low were I cannot feel anything pleasurable I can lose the erection. Viagra works on people with ED because they still have feeling so can get turned on easier with nerve damage its hard to get turned on because the signals on pleasure and excitement cannot reach the penis of that makes sense. But yeah viagra has worked with me. A few weeks ago I was with my girlfriend and we tried to have sex I got like half an erection for like 10 seconds then it went before all this I could get hard just thinking about her now it’s like I have no desire for sex at all. I’ve never had problems getting had before this. Obviously it’s a nerve injury because of the numbness so I get that much. The scariest part for me anyway is the no libido if I had that if feel a lot better. My penis is numb to the point when I get erect with viagra I’m not aware I’m hard I have to look of feel it to tell I am

The urologist confirmed nerve damage? Nerves can regenerate, very slowly, under reasonable conditions. It’s been a while since I studied up on it, so maybe someone has better information than me. I know the mental side of this has been mentioned many times in this thread and often in a pejorative manner but it’s worth at least considering that your obvious and understandable distress might in itself be having an effect.

So you’re saying that even with viagra, you find it hard to get and keep an erection?

Try the herbal route. If lack of sensitivity is the problem, then something that can increase sensitivity, horniness and libido may at least work in the short to medium term to combat the symptoms. If it helps, you could maybe go from a combined pill like Male Response, to something a little more targeted to your needs without anything superfluous through trial and error. If it doesn’t help at least you’re only out about £10.

I’m sure the thought of taking a pill at the age of 24 to gain proper sexual function is more than a little perturbing but exploring every sensible route open, hopefully will allow you to taper off later whilst regaining as much of your sex life as possible.

On a different and potentially super obvious note, adding new things to your sex life may help. Maybe things that don’t require your penis but that would help engage the brain in sex: oral for her, bondage, public nudity etc. Things that seem exciting to you.

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The urologist didn’t exactly confirm it because he said they can’t really see nerves with a test but said “decrease sensation is usually always a nerve issue” so he just stopped short of saying nerve damage. Yeah I get nerves can Heal but I’ve hardly seen any improvement I’ve taken 3 weeks off at a time with any sexual activity cut down masturbation to like two times a month and when I do it’s very gentle. I have seen people say they have recovered here injuries after like 2 years but I’m not seeing or feeling improvement so I’m very doubtful I’m extremely unlucky because as I said I don’t feel like I was doing anything at all that would cause damage to myself. I believe I have more than just dorsal nerve damage I think it could be the pudendal nerve as I’m numb around my testicles anus and underneath

I’m wondering if the depression over this is impacting your erections as well.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
I’m wondering if the depression over this is impacting your erections as well.

I know 100% that there is damage somewhere but at the same time I wouldn’t disagree and say depression isnt playing a part however I feel even if I wasent depressed I’d still be in the same boat so to speak. I’m young never had a problem before with erections at all if you guys knew my sex life you’d envy it me a my partner literally did everything we had the best sex life never a problem till this. I know nerves can heal so hopefully they do but as I said it been a long time

Do you have any back pain or back problems? I don’t know how nerve work, is it possible to injure yourself in the fingers and have numbness up until the elbow? If not then it’s a good guess something else than the overhanded masturbation injury happened.

Nope mate no back pain or anything I know this literally sounds like it’s unbelievable I literally can’t believe my life is messed up just like that. Literally all I did was that and here I am. Personally I don’t feel like I’ve damaged the penis like vessels or anything I just generally think it’s nerve damage because of the numbness and I can’t hold an erection because of the lack of sensation and the fact my libido is so low because of the numbness. It feels as if there is nothing between my legs anymore


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