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Jelq Through The Pain?

Jelq Through The Pain?

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I began the newbie routine middle of last year, but by the beginning of September I had injured myself from jelqing (increased number of reps way too quickly for my sensitive unit). Prior to this, I was getting very positive PI’s and the best flaccid hangs I’ve ever had during the day. But I just couldn’t keep myself from upping the number of reps! So stupid.

The symptoms:
Sharp, shooting pains on left side deep near urethra after ejaculation…but many times these pains dont occur until many hours AFTER my jelq session. Also, they are always the WORST the second night after ejaculation (so the pain increases with time). It’s not constant but it’s a few instances of pretty damn sharp pains. Ejaculation inflames it, so I’ve tried my best to minimize how often I beat it.

I planned to take a break until February 2013, then jump back in, but even after 6 months the injury is not gone, It’s improved (pain not as bad after ejaculation), but it’s still there. So I don’t want to let myself PE yet, I’d hate myself if I wasted MORE time trying to PE through an injury only to make it worse again. I now plan to take off until August of this year - this is going to be the longest 5 months of my life!
What if worse comes to worse and I’m still experiencing pain after ejaculation come August? Honestly, my life is on hold for PE, my happiness, confidence and all my self worth seems to depend on getting some sort of gains from this. So the wait is going to be HARD. I chose 5 months because that’s the longest I think I can last. Honestly, if I’m still ‘injured’ by then, I think I’ll still jump back into a much lighter newbie routine. Manual stretches doesnt seem to bother it, just jelqs. But jelqs are so important, and I need girth! If you were me, would you ‘jelq through the pain’? I feel that if I keep a light grip and low reps, I might be okay. And if the pain is there, maybe it will be worth it with a bigger cock anyways? I’m still able to get raging hardons, maybe harder than ever before…just the annoying pains, that’s all.

**My question: if you found yourself still with an ‘annoying’ injury like mine after patiently not PE’ing for 11 months total, would you say ‘fuck it’ and just keep on pressing forward despite the possibility of re-inflaming said injury? I feel that honestly this is my only option. Am I crazy? I just wanna PE, wish I woulda known how sensitive I am! One thing I’ve learned is the standard Newbie Routine is WAY too much for my lil guy (wish I woulda known about the Linear). One option I might have is maybe ditch the jelq altogether and substitute something else for girth that’s not as ‘hands on’. Maybe pumping at low levels or only jelqing from the middle of my dick up? I dunno haha…any advice or similar experiences would help so much!

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See a urologist. You could have eurethritis or a prostate inflammation. I don’t think it’s related to jelqing.

Also google pelvic floor pain. Pain seems to travel in men in that area due to urinary tract infection, prostate inflammation or other disorders.

Yes, yes of course.

Originally Posted by Juanlw4444
See a urologist. You could have eurethritis or a prostate inflammation. I don’t think it’s related to jelqing.

I appreciate this advice, and it has crossed my mind many times. But I am pretty damn sure this is a jelqing injury. The pain started one day WHILE jelqiing…SHARP pulsating pains in a vary narrow ‘tube’ shape running all the way from the base of my penis to the tip. First time it happened was actually about an hour after a jelq session. I took a week off, tried again and then got the pain during the jelq. This was after stupidly doubling and redoubling the number of reps I was doing after only a couple weeks total. I stopped PE’ing after this and the pains slowly decreased, but came back up whenever I’d let myself ejaculate. It’s the sharp contractions of the muscles that seem to inflame it, not the stuff that’s coming out (now I get by via letting myself cum but not allowing the contractions…took a while to master but it made my healing better. Committing to not jacking off for such a long time is hard as hell).

I also don’t have any of the symptoms of inflamed prostate, urithritis or a UTI…other than this pain hours after ejaculation for a few short spurts. But no pain when urinating, no frequent bathroom trips, no trouble pushing urine out, no blood in urine or semen, etc etc. Might be a good idea to get checked anyways though, as everyone shows symptoms in different ways I’m sure.

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