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Jelq injury

Jelq injury

3 Days ago I was half jelqing half masturbating and while I was fully erect I suddenly lost my erection when I reached the top of the shaft. As it quickly went down it was also bent a little . Since then the tip of my penis is a bit cooler than usual, and the WORST PART IS I Can’t GET EVEN SEMI ERECT SINCE. I can’t stop thinking that I might be screwed for life.

I saw a lot of posts from people who haven’t seen Improvement with this kind of injury for 2 YEARS, and some even longer.

I started to take kinko balboa and garlic and I haven’t touched it because I’m terrified of further injury.

I would appreciate ANY input from ANYONE who has had similar symptoms. Its Christmas Eve and what I need is someone to tell me the same thing happened to them and that I’m going to be okay. I can’t sleep I am so nervous.

I’m going to the urologist in a couple days and am praying for the best.

Does anyone think its; venous leak, damaged nerve or anything else. Again my penis is shriveled and can’t even get Semi erect except mornings I get 40%

Give the Forum Guidelines a read phil. I won’t ask again.

Just so this thread takes in what you have said in other threads for a more complete picture, I am linking the replies I’ve given in those threads here:
firegoat - HELP penis head white, no erection
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firegoat - Ask what ever you want

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I appreciate your time by the way.


What does half jelqing / half masturbating mean?

If you’ve ever been having sex and you’ve bent your penis suddenly you’ll notice the erection is lost pretty quickly. It’s pretty normal, it’s your body protecting itself. As far as I’m aware this isn’t an autonomous reaction, in other words your brain tells your penis to soften, there’s maybe some shock involved. Now take that and play it out a bit. The next thought after your penis has gone soft might be ‘oh shit I hurt myself’ or it might even be ‘oh shit, I broke my dick’. If it’s the latter, you’ve already convinced yourself that your penis is non-functional in some way. Sometimes this is a matter of experience. If you’ve bent your dick loads of times before, you know that you can probably wait a few seconds and regain your erection to finish the sex, even if it hurts a bit, or you might think that you need to halt the sex to allow for a little recovery time if it’s bad. It’s a really edge case for it to be worse than that but it is, of course possible.

Your situation seems pretty similar. You’ve not done this before, so you don’t know what you’ve done and are worried. You’ve probably hurt your penis a little and been shocked by that and this is what is preventing your erections.

As firegoat mentioned in the other thread, morning wood is a good indicator that things are OK.

You are worried though and going to see a urologist who will probably tell you that everything is OK. So wait for that appointment and let the urologist confirm that you are OK.

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It sounds weird but my BIGGEST concern is him telling me its okay. All the people that had similar problems and were told they were “okay”, are the same ones that are messed up for years or even sometimes, life. I assume this is somewhat of a newer injury to doctors and this may be why they can’t Give a proper diagnoses and cure. If I need surgery I will never get back to 100%. I know because of the HUNDREDS of stories I’ve read over the past few days

I think it’s likely that the doctors are giving a proper diagnosis. People have had dicks and been masturbating for some time.

If you go in to the urologist expecting to be told that you’ve hurt yourself terribly badly or you won’t believe what the urologist says, then there seems little point in going.

Right now you are winding yourself up about this. You are playing all all kind of worse case scenarios in your head. You are acting like you are mid panic attack and you are then saying that it has nothing to do with your mind. The mind is very powerful and it is very capable of creating real symptoms and problems.

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Most serious PEr’s experience some sort of trauma to their units. If it were not injuries, I would have never found what worked for me. I would take as long
as 2 weeks off, I have it all documented in my thread. Everything we do here is dangerous and we all must understand that. What firegoat mentioned, you
need to read the Forum Guidelinesyou will see where all the exercises are described and how to do them. Like I mentioned
to you in the other thread, it is warned that jelqs not be done with a 100% erection.

Sometimes our injuries educate us and make us better PEr’s and mentors. You don’t think firegoat and memento haven’y experienced any injuries? Take their
advice they have been this, most of us have. Hell, go for a walk or a jog to get the blood flowing in your body. It may also ease your mind.

One last question for whoever will reply. Does anyone know of someone that had a jelq injury and couldn’t get erect for days and turned out fine?

Not a PE injury but it might as well have been as it was a trauma to my penis. One time my woman was riding me on top and came slamming down bending my unit completely and quickly. I didn’t feel anything on one side of my penis or get an erection for over a week but then it came back. I simply left it alone for that week. I turned out fine with full sensation and erections coming back.

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This is the first time 1% of my worry has been taken away. Thank you man


Well I just saw the urologist and he says I have a tiny bit. Of blood in my urine. Therefor he thinks its a tract infection. He seemed to ignore the injury part. He said the injury and uti are not related.

He prescribed me antibiotics, and said I will be okay. I hope he’s right and I hope its not a venous leak. Any support or thoughts would be appreciated.

I’m glad to hear you are OK, Phil.

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I’m not exactly ok, as the doc seems to think the injury and my tract infection are unrelated. Could blood in your urine be a sign of a venous leak as well?

Blood in the urine is not a sign of venous leakage. If he ignored the injury, it’s not really anything to worry about, right? You have pills to cure the infection, then you’ll be 100% physically.

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Originally Posted by phil28
I’m not exactly ok, as the doc seems to think the injury and my tract infection are unrelated. Could blood in your urine be a sign of a venous leak as well?

Are you a hypochondriac? Relax dude. You will be fine. It has only been several days. I waited 2 weeks before I was healed from injury.
You need to understand what these exercises consist of and do you really want to do this. Think about it. So did you tell the doctor the
truth? Jelqing/masturbating.

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