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Jelly like penis

Jelly like penis

Sorry for posting here, but I do not have sufficient privilages for posting in the injury forum.

About 2 months ago I suffered a thrombosed vein. It ran the length of my penis and wrapped itself around the glans (just below the head of the penis). It was quite hard to touch and appeared to start inside my body. My penis also became slightly deformed. The vein disappeard and the swelling subsided (after about ten days). However, during the past 6 weeks I had regular sex, sometimes several times per day, thus giving my penis no time to rest. During the past one month my erection quality slowly deteriorated (however sometimes it would be good). Five days ago I had sex and since this day my penis has turned into jelly and is very soft to touch. I have rested for the past 5 days, used hot baths and a light massage to help stimulate blood flow, but have noticed no, or little change. It appears as though my penis is dead and lifeless.
Basically I am wondering if anyone has experienced any similar problems. At present my penis appears jelly like in state, is slightly darker, and is not swollen in addition to this and I have not had any type of erection since having sex 5 days ago. I am off to see the doctor next week.
Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

See the doctor ASAP!

I highly recommend a doctor appointment. Get well soon and stop thinking about illness. Think about health. You’ll be ok. Best wishes.

Originally Posted by portland

Sorry for posting here, but I do not have sufficient privilages for posting in the injury forum.

I’ve moved it for you.

As it is 8 weeks since the injury, and your penis has been functioning fine since that time, to the tune of sex several times a day, it seems unlikely that the PE induced injury is the cause of your present problems.

Hopefully it will just sort itself out, but the doctors appointment is a very sensible thing to do. Keep us informed.

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Thanks for the responses. I am hoping that it is just exhausted (due to the injury and due to the lack of rest). I have done no PE since the injury, just just had sex up until 5 days go. I’m definitly heading to the Dr on Monday morning.

Just an update..

Have been taking aspirin for the past 4 days, hot baths, light massage and using a rice sock every evening.

Have seen some improvement. Erections returned yesterday (but only about 90%). The colour is returning and it no longer feels jelly like. However, it still feels spongy to touch. Hopefully it will continue to improve.

Originally Posted by portland

Jelly like penis

Sorry to hear that and sorry that none of the other guys have hooked you up. This will fix you up in no time!

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Running a Massive Co-Front.

Just an update.I rested for for just over one week and things began to return to normal. The colour returned and erection quality was good, by the 10Th day of rest EQ was back to normal. However, it seems things are still not quite back to how they should be. I masterbated a couple of times a day for a few days and it would appear that my EQ has started to slip back, and it has gotten slightly rubbery again. I’m guessing that it still needs more time to recover before it is back to 100%. I now intend to rest it for a month, and see what happens.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue? Thanks for any info.

Sorry to hear about this portland, but I’m glad it seems you are on the way of recovery. May I ask you what kind of routine/exercise were you doing for you to get injured?

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I started off doing seven 2 minute stretches and approx 350 jelqs, for 4 days. I had to take a few days off after this as I had over trained and my EQ decreased, & took a few days to return. After this is I was on the newbie routine for a couple of weeks (4days on 1/2 days off). A few days after the injury I did some light stretching (which I haven’t done since).

I’ve had a few minor injuries/major fatigues over the course of 2 years one kinda like this last summer from wearing a elastic cock ring with an erection for over an hour leading to a kind of big jelly hard on, had difficultly maintaining and getting erections for about a months after that, gradually all came back but took maybe 2 months to fully recover and had to stop PE for all that time. In retrospect it’s easy to see that too much time deprived of oxygen 5 minutes or so will deaden nerves which take a long time to regrow or build back up at about 1” a month and greatly diminish erection quality for some time. I won’t do any sort of clamping for more than a very few minutes now after that was kinda scary. Just another case of over training.

This is a sign for rest and definitely see a doctor. Don’t let them just give you a physical examination. Sometimes they can’t really see any damage if there is such as it usually would be internal.

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