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jelking pain

jelking pain

I been doing PE for a month now.
I do wet jelking with “palms up” ok-grip at 70-50% erection level.
Recently I started to feel sharp, but not very intense, pain on the right side
of the penis, maybe 1 inch below the glance.

This seem to happen when doing the jelk stroke with my left hand only,
I think some extra pressure is added to the right side of penis when I use the left hand since then the fingers themself are pressing against the tissue.

These feelings of pain are not very frequent and only happens when I jelk.
Have you experienced this?

I think you may have just popped a bloodvessel or something.

I experienced something like it, only my pain was IN the glans

But it went away after a few days :) !

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Every once in a while, this happens to me. (I do palms-down jelqing.) When that happens, I usually just stop and wait until the next day to do some jelqing. It usually occurs if I apply too much pressure. Why it happens? I don’t know. But I don’t see it as anything serious.

The important thing is to stop if you feel any pain. If you wish to continue, at least take a small break, then start again with less pressure.

Thanks for replies. I now temporarily only do jelking with my right hand and I have not felt this pain anymore.


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