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I have had some itching in the skin on my shaft right below my glans, just about half an inch worth of skin that has been itching lately. I’m not cut so this area doesn’t get any action or anything while I’m jelqing but does while I do manual stretches. Is this a common problem and is there any treatment for it? It just started like a week or two ago and it might be related to the tons of sex I’ve been having lately too, maybe the skin is irritated? My wife is pregnant and just got checked for all the STD’s and stuff about three weeks ago and she doesn’t have any and she’s been checked a few times before and didn’t have any so I’m 99% sure it’s not an STD… anyone know what it might be?

New Hairs?

Seriously, I shave and when they start to regrow it can get pretty damn itchy sometimes -
Especially on the shaft, Like right now!

I have in the past gotten a funny sort of itching sensation near the glands from PE’ing
chalked it up to excited/fatigued nerve endings. Always goes away though. Grip too tight?

New skin growth? - There has been some discussion of this in the past in some of the forums.

Irritation from whatever lube your using for jelging?
Dryed out lube before you actually get a chance to jump in the shower and wash off good?

and last but not least,

Good ole Jock Itch?
Don’t know about you, but it’s one hot summer out there and my nuts have been sweating a lot lately.

BTW- is all that “tons of sex” been with the wife?

Because the fact that your worrying about STDs has me wondering.

Skin on skin contact creates friction, some are more sensitive than others. I’m a big tit baby too. :)

I love the lizard king but could you not find a pic of him when he was “it”?

O’ Mr Nine,

If 6 were 9 …….

Originally Posted by RootCap
O’ Mr Nine,

If 6 were 9 …….

Damn, I love it!! If six were nine, I wouldn’t mind. And if the sun refused to shine…..

Now that is the Lizard King.

Tons of sex is with my girl. Now that she’s pregnant we have even more sex than we used to. I just brought up STD’s cause that’s the symptom of some STD’s, but I haven’t been at risk, just been with her. I always get the itching from hair regrowing too, but this is up by the glans. Guess it’s just irritated skin and nerve endings like you said. Probably from the sex and manual stretches. When I’ve jelqed the past few days I’ve stopped way before the glans and did only light stretching and told my girl to lay off for a few days. It’s a lot better this morning, no itch yet. Thanks guys.

Originally Posted by theone11

Tons of sex is with my girl. Now that she’s pregnant we have even more sex than we used to.

Ahh the good ol’ days, how I miss ‘em. Enjoy it while you can! :D

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Number Nine,

That be a different Jimi.


Yea Hendrix, just seem to fit at the time.



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