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Is this Thrombosis ?

Is this Thrombosis ?

I’ve had this for about 6 months. Its a very soft vein not hard at all. Is the vein dead or can I still save it, I’m scared its negatively affecting my EQ

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Does it hurt? Looks perfectly normal to me.

Looks normal to me. Have you not always had that vein like that? I have veins that look kind of like that.

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Looks fine to me as well.

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This is totally Normal. It appears to be a branch of the superficial dorsal vein.

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Really not wanting to hijack this thread but I’m unable currently to start my own thread and am getting increasingly worried. I’ve been doing PE on and off for 4 years now and made some good gains, the last 6 months I have been exclusively clamping, 1 day on 1 day off doing 3-4 10 minute clamps per session, I think however recently I have been clamping too hard and seem to have a thrombosed vein I believe, been doing alot of reading on here and most people seem to have no pain when they have one, for insight I first noticed this about a month ago but wasn’t causing any pain so kept on with my clamping routine until 2 weeks ago when I woke up to feel the big vein on the left of my penis was still engorged, stringy and hard with a not sore but dull noticeable sensation form it with a hard flaccid and unable to get an erection whatsoever.

I then stopped all PE and sex and massaged it with olive oil, used heat pads and aspirin and it seemed to have went away within a week or so back to getting morning wood and looking like its normal self etc until a few days ago I was having sex and couldn’t get it up no matter how much she and I tried (on cialis as was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it up), next morning and the dull sensation has reappeared but this time not from my penis but from my pelvic/groin area with a hard flaccid turtle, even walking feels kind of weird, like something is being tugged where my leg and groin meets with the same sort of sensation you get when one of your testicles has pushed itself into your body, going to refrain from any sort of sexual activity for the next week or so and see what happens, I’ve read alot of people get confused between a thrombosed vein and clogged lymph vessels, from looking at the pics could anyone hazard a guess which one would apply to me?, I’m also unsure whether to keep using heat pads or switch to cold packs or both?, many thanks.

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