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Is this thrombosis, lymph blockage, or what?

Is this thrombosis, lymph blockage, or what?

I’m uploading a picture. Could someone with injury knowledge please let me know what they think it is and what the best way to fix it is? It’s a squiggly line and a bump on the end. I’ve had it for over a year and it hasn’t gone away.

Sorry my camera is pitiful.

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Is it painful, hard, hot or red? If not then it isn’t thrombosed. If it’s been there a while and isn’t painful (and it doesn’t look all that large) then it probably nothing you should have too much concern about.

I think it is a lymph, I had something very similar and it healed on its own after about a week without sexual activity.

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It’s been around for a year. Most thrombosed veins either recannulate (open up the clot) or degenerate and become like a thin cord by this time.

It is unlikely to be a lymph vessels as they don’t exist this close to the skin.

Yeah, it is a pitiful picture. Are you referring to the darker bump at the 12 o’clock position?

I agree with westla90069. If it doesn’t hurt, hasn’t changed or grown in a year, then it is probably nothing.

Referring to the dark bump and the cord thing. It doesn’t hurt. Gonna try no sexual activity I guess.


Is this thing bothering you in some physical way (pain)? You haven’t given us enough information if you still think there’s a problem.

To me this really doesn’t look like a problem. It doesn’t even stand out.

It’s worse than what the picture shows. It doesn’t hurt but it’s not normal. I’m almost sure it’s inflammation along the length of it. And the black spot seems like an infection. I don’t have a better picture. The line is too small to be a blood vessel I think and the part of the line nearest the glans is lumpy when I feel it, but the rest just feels like normal skin. Like I was saying it’s been there over a year now and isn’t going away by itself. When I leave it alone for awhile the line goes away and comes back if I jelq. But the black spot has been there as long as I can remember. The color of the spot fades though when I leave it alone. There are lymph vessels in our skin aren’t there?

I do still think theres a problem. If not a lymph blockage then I have no idea. I’ve done nothing for PE but jelq and stretch by the way. Any ideas?

I wouldn’t worry about it. I have some weird, hard, cord-like things in my dick. I have no idea whether they are related to my PEing, but they have never hurt me and don’t cause any erection problems, so I ignore them.

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