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Is this temporary or permanent injury from PE?


Is this temporary or permanent injury from PE?

Hey people.
A week ago I did my last PE and since then I’m really worried.
I did a PE for about 10 mins under warm water shower but I think I did it too hard.
I didn’t notice my decreased EQ the same day. The day after I noticed this but I still masturbated twice that day.
After the last masturbation I noticed everything wasn’t well. My dick only got semi-erect while masturbating.
I left my dick alone and thought that the next day it would be better.
The next day I got a soft morning-wood and got happier and wanted to test my dick
So I masturbated but this time it all went loose and I ejaculated while it was flaccid
And it felt like it was over-sensitive, specially the penis-head and I ejaculated about 1 min after I started to masturbate.

I was with a girl yesterday and I felt in my pants that I achieved semi-erect states but they only lasted for short periods
I don’t feel any pain in my dick, only a bit over sensitivity (like a mildly orgasm sensation)

I see some white and some darker areas on my penis head while flaccid and my penis head doesn’t hold blood inside because it shrinks while semi-erect.
Is that possibly venous leakage?

Due to the over-sensitivity, could I have destroyed the dorsal nerves?

I have used hot water bag the last 3 days about 2-3 times a day

I haven’t had any erection at home, only semi-erect while I was with the girl :(
I’ve tried to watch porn but it doesn’t work at all!

Does ANYBODY have the answer for my questions?! Any pro here that knows what to do
Can this be permanent so I have to suffer it my whole life?
I know this issue isn’t all in my head..

Any cleaver suggestion and thoughts would be very thankful!!

Sorry for the length of the message

Thank you!

Anyone please?

Thunders is a great place for knowledge regarding PE and related injuries but regardless of what advice you receive, you really need to seek medical advice.

I think you should stop PE and stop masturbation for about one month.
Don’t use hot water bag and don’t try to have sex during this time.
Take Vitamin, sleep early, let your body heal itself.

I once had the same issues as you, now I am back in normal.

I’m not a medical professional (.. Yet - hope to be in a couple years). A couple suggestions:

1. Stop trying to masturbate. Any time you force an erection or semi erection you may be stressing and aggravating that injury.
2. Take some time. If you read the documentation of other members and their injuries you will find that it usually takes weeks - months to heal completely. Waiting 3 days is hardly enough time.
3. Relax. I know it’s easier said than done when it comes to our units, but analyzing so much isn’t going to make your dick heal. In fact it’s known that psychological stress is has a negative effect on health outcomes and in ED. Keep applying your heat treatments. Find a hobby for a couple weeks —- it sounds like you jerk off when you are bored.

After i’d been doing PE for roughly 2 months, I decided that my unit was easily conditioned enough to take the stresses of O bends. After performing these in a single session, I had ED for perhaps 2 months when literally NOTHING could get me erect. With patience, no exercise/masturbation and regular heating, my unit finally recovered and works as well as it ever did once again :)

At this stage anxiety is playing a massive part in your problem. I’m not trying to dismiss it, because it could be physical, but remember whatever is wrong - at this point your anxiety is probably compounding it. Therefore it’s hard to get an accurate read of how severe the problem is.

Definitely stop PE, try to limit your masturbation too.

Also, in regards to the glans - try this.

Get semi erect if you can. Press a finger or two on the underside of your penis, not hard, but relatively firmly just above where your scrotum connects to the shaft. Kegel. If you are aroused enough, hopefully your glans will expand quite a bit during the kegel, then shrink again when you release. Do this a few times in the morning, then a few times at night. I find this really helps glans circulation. Since your injured it probably won’t expand that much at first, but hopefully it does a little. Over time, it should happen easier. It will also help determine if the issue is a physical one. If you still cannot kegel any blood into your glans, or it is shrinking down to a much smaller than usual size……even when semi erect and pressing down on the underside of your penis after, say, a few weeks … it’s time to see a doctor.

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Thanks everyone for your responses !
More suggestions would be very helpful in tackling this problem!

As you Wilbil5 suggests that I shouldn’t use hot water bags I suppose you mean that not any heat should be added? But everywhere I have
Read about this they have said that heat makes the recovery process faster.

The thing I am most afraid of is of course if this is permanent? How long do I have to wait before I seek after a urolog?

Any more info from you guys please?

What I said is based on my own experience.
Since I am a newbie, I think you should listen to what member or senior member said.
They have more experience than me.

The reason why I stop using hot water bag is that I think hot water bag will
Make my penis and pelvic cavity congestion that will slow the healing process of my body.
But I think do it mild, medium and modest way will be fine.

You can also find a lot of information you need in Injuries / Treatments Members forum.

Hope you will recover soon. Cheer up!

You probably overdid your PE but probably didn’t permanently damage your penis. Most likely you injured it a little which caused your EQ to go down and then you got stressed over it which really caused your EQ to plummet. I would stop touching your unit except to urinate. Probably what will happen is you will recover and then you will get a spontaneous erection some morning and then your anxiety will plummet because you know its not permanently damaged. If you keep testing it you will just stress yourself out and delay healing. Think about what normally happens if you don’t masturbate for a week. You get boners that won’t quit! I think your problem is probably 30 percent injury and 70 percent stress. Of course I am no expert but just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by Sophomoric
After I’d been doing PE for roughly 2 months, I decided that my unit was easily conditioned enough to take the stresses of O bends. After performing these in a single session, I had ED for perhaps 2 months when literally NOTHING could get me erect. With patience, no exercise/masturbation and regular heating, my unit finally recovered and works as well as it ever did once again :)

Sophomoric, how didn’t you get worried after just a few weeks and you managed to wait 2 months? Did you see any urologist?

About my EQ; I still can’t get spontaneous erections. This morning I had a morning-wood like 65 % and that’s the best I have got so far. I held my penis at the base and pressed blood into my penis. The head got bigger but when I loose the grip of my penis my penis rapidly started to shrink and the head rapidly got small. There are still some lighter areas and some darker areas on my penis head in flaccid state.

More suggestions guys? Would be really appreciated!

That does sound like what I used to have.

I should clarify a few things. Now, when I kegel whilst erect, my glans expand then get smaller. However, the glans just get a little bit smaller. They remain fullish and sensitive.

When I had a leak, I could pump the glans up, then when I let go it would dramatically shrink, become grey and “thin” and have very little sensitivity. Does the first or second description sound more like your situation?

I could still edge (over a period) to 100% erection, so I just confidently assumed it wasn’t entirely broken. I wouldn’t recommend cold squeezes, even if you’re “testing” your erection problems.

I know it’s hard to relax when it comes to the possibility of having a broken penis but you have to give it time.

Just an example —If you hurt a lig stretching that would be similar to spraining an ankle. You wouldn’t walk on that ankle for a week and you certainly wouldn’t be jumping on it for a couple more. Consider that your penis is way more important to you than a sore ankle and you add some extra care just to be safe.

Use your rice sock or heat pad to increase circulation and blood flow, but keep your hands off!

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