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Is this ever going to heal? Pic inside


Is this ever going to heal? Pic inside

This red sore has been on my penis for sometime now, possibly a year. It’s never healed partly because I can’t go longer than 3-4 days without mastubating or having sex. Also the only time it really bothered me was during times when a lot of friction was occuring to my penis, example frequent sex and jelquing. I recently purchased a pump but am unable due to the pain to pump. My girlfriend just went on vacation for 14 days so I figured this would be a good time to stay off my dick and let it heal. I’ve been applying neosporing 24/7, keeping it moist, actually walking around the house buck naked so the neosporin won’t rub off. I’m about 7 days into this and it has still not gone away. But I do believe the color of it is not so red. So possibly it is healing.

Take a look at the pic let me know what you think. What concerns me the most is the purple dot on the rim of my glans. I can see where the redish skin would eventually go away but it seems like the purple dot is like a busted vessel or something.

I just want this to go away!


I don’t see my attached pic up yet, maybe someone has to approve it. If not I’ll re-attach it tomorrow. I have to get to bed Santa is coming.

There wasn’t any pic attached to release. Maybe it was too big? I don’t know. You might check out the resizing thread near the top of the Member Pics forum and try again.

I suggest you post the picture in Member Pics and then refer to it here.

Link to pic: Injury pic

A year? You need to have a physician look at it. It doesn’t look bad from the pic, but it’s in a place that obviously is rubbed by any activity. If you won’t see a doctor, then you’ll have to leave it alone for a minimum of two weeks. If it’s important to you that it go away, you should find the strength to stop sex, masturbation and PE until it clears up.

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Bummer, no picture to see.

I suggest you make a trip to the doctor. Never know, maybe you’ve contracted an STD.

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I don’t think it’s a simple sore if you had it for a year. Go see a doctor and stop having sex with your girlfriend.

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Went to the doctor for treatment of hpv. (Had a wart on the bottom of my shaft). I showed him the sore and he said that it had no resemblence to hpv which I agree it looks nothing like a wart. He said to stop rubbing it and put hydrocortisone cream on it. I opted to put on neosporin as hydrocortisone cream is for rashes and itches so I don’t understand his thought behind that. I didn’t ask him at the time because I didn’t know what hydrocortisone cream was at first. The past 7 days the redness has decreased some but I want it to go away completely. I just don’t understand why it is taking so long to heal. Any other part of the body that gets irritated/cut/scratched heals up much faster.

Hydrocortisone is an anti inflammatory drug. It will reduce the redness. Why wouldn’t you follow your physician’s advice? Neosporin is an antibiotic used against infection. You’re using the wrong drug. Try the hydrocortisone and don’t rub it or masturbate until your girlfriend gets back. My guess is you’ll see an improvement.

I see the pic, but don’t see the sore….

Look on the rim of my glans and you can see a faint purple spot, directly below that is a section of red, raw skin that won’t heal. Some of the redness was washed away by the flash of the camera.

It doesn’t look that bad but obviously if it has been there for a year I would worry about it as well, but if the doctor did not seem very concerned about it then I would not worry that much about it. Just do as the doctor said and use the hydrocortisone and see if it clears up.

I managed to miss the link to the pic my first time through. I’ve had spots like this before, at least it looked like it. It was very sensitive, to the point of distracting me during sex and masturbation. I’ve never had it more than a week or two, and figuring that it was a result of too much sex or beating off, I used some A&D ointment on it. It cleared up, but I don’t know if it was a result of the ointment or being extra careful with my unit.

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I see you have chipped skin. I have it almost the same exact place and spot, do you know anything about that and what to do to heal?

You don’t want to be keeping it too moist or it will never heal and I don’t think a plaster on humid parts is the best idea.

Almost 2 days later and it’s still there but the mark is getting darker, kinda purplelish. Is this a sign of it healing??


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