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Is this ever going to heal? Pic inside


Can you treat eczema? Any way to get rid of it?

Originally Posted by Naughtyby
Can you treat eczema? Any way to get rid of it?

You can treat eczema with hydro-cortisone. Cure it?

Like I said it’s a skin allergy. So the way to get rid of allergies is.?
Diet can be a factor. Stress..

I have fairly chronic eczema, which I never had when I was young.
Something changed, but I’ll be damned if I know what.

I limit the amount of l-arginine consumption and keep a ready supply of hydro-cortisone on hand.

So far I have mostly eliminated it from Mr. Happy; and it’s become a good physiological indicator: if it flares up on him it’s a sure sign of over-training. I’m having the damnedest time with the other areas - on my arms it’s mostly little patches (smaller than a dime). They clear up and then appear in slightly different spot. Under and behind the earlobe flares from time to time for no discernible reason. Elbows - more often than not. Anus - yep there too - but not so much and when it’s there it goes away fast after the hydro-cortisone. The corner of the mouth. Inside the right ear. Inside the ear is a real pain, because it never quite goes away.

What can I tell you? It’s annoying but you learn to cope.

I took a lot of omega-3 & 6 oil tablets while Mr. Happy was afflicted - he was afflicted from September of 2001 to about June of 2002 (I should say before PE). I’ve had one or two serious flare ups since (one was REALLY serious) but each time persistent use of hydro-cortisone did the trick. So my experience of this condition on the private part is this: the initial case of it was really hard to get rid of, but now it’s fairly manageable. Also I limit my use of latex condoms and Non-Oxynol 9 is no more for me. My deep suspicion is it was continued use of Non-Oxynol 9 that brought it on for me in the first place. I had not been using condoms with my fiancee; after she and I we’re dis-engaged I began to use condoms with this Non-Oxynol 9 stuff -fear of pregnancy and AIDS, little stuff like that- and it was after prolonged use that my problems began. Do I have proof? No. But in 2001 when I was first fighting with the eczema I was still using the condoms with Non-Oxynol 9, when I stopped using condoms with it in 2002 the hydro-cortisone started to work much better. So there are my non-scientific conclusions. Non-Oxynol 9 is essentially a detergent and so it is not uncommon for it to irritate sensitive skin.

Now if it happens on him I can usually see it, or perhaps I should say sense it, coming so I just hit the area with hydro-cortisone and back off on the PE.

A friend of mine gets eczema on her hands really badly. They just chap up and crack and start to bleed.
This happened once to my unit. You live through that you can live through anything.

What’s so bad about hydro-cortisone anyway? I discovered the hard way (no pun intended) that these problems lessened in direct proportion to how much I stressed out about them. Not that you should ignore them and act like they don’t matter, but try not to stress.

I know it’s easier said than done.

Originally Posted by PEst
I have the same kinda injury I think, although I don’t see a colour like this - Mine seems deeper inside. I KNOW that mine would heal if I didn’t get erect for about 2 weeks, but I can’t do that because I get too horny.

I went about 3 days without getting erect and it started to heal and then my girlfriend ruined it for me, lol. So don’t panic, keep in mind that just getting erect can stretch it out and bother it.

There are other kinds of lumps and bumps one can get.

If you guys (YouKnowD & PEst) are getting your problem in one very specific area it could be an irritated sebaceous gland [say it with me: SUB - AY - shuhs]. Usually they are closer to the base of the shaft where hair grows, but I had an errant one that was giving me problems just below the head (when I was 19), it took a few months to clear up on it’s own. There wasn’t much the doctor could do.

If I we’re you I would keep bugging my doctor until I got a definite prognosis.
As in: “Hey doc, do you think this is eczema or an irritated sebaceous gland or what?”

Wow, this turned out to be a longer post than I anticipated. I hope it’s okay with Thunder..

But I guess we’re all here in search of longer posts.

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Better to have a long “helpful” post Mr. Happy than a short crappy one in my opinion. ;)

Very informative post and I agree with you on bugging the hell out of the doctor until I got definite prognosis on what the hell was going on with my member.

Over five years later this is still on my penis.

I think you may have got this from holding a manual squeeze for too long, over 40secs or holding your squeeze too tight? I believe doing this the blood vessel leading to the rim of your gland to rupture. I guess it won’t heal unless you cut out PE until it’s completely gone. As most forms of PE result in the glands been forced full of blood, putting more pressure on the ruptured vessel. I have a similar looking injury and suspect the manual squeeze I did for too long and too hard.

Originally Posted by YouknowD
Over five years later this is still on my penis.

Damn that sucks dude.

I used savlon advanced healing gel and it fixed my burst skin around edge of glands in just 2 applications over just a two day period. Really surprised me as I had the injury for at least 2 weeks and it had no signs of healing until I use the gel. I don’t know if your is the same injury. Hope this helps others.


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