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is this an ED problem?

is this an ED problem?

…ok, I’m 21…so I should be considered immune to ED (I know it’s false but this is what people think).

The problem is I that I do not understand if I\m healthy or not.

For example: does your glans get hard at the tip too or does it stay a bit spongy, and only the inner part is hard?this made me break several condoms because the inner part is cuneiform :)

And when you masturbate, does it stay very hard even if you stop stimulating or you loose at least partially your hard on after say 5-10 seconds?

And when you have sex , when you wear a condom or if you keep from ejaculating, do you have a slight deacrease (or even a loss)of your erection?

…and…since I started Peing I noticed that I’m not having as many morning hard ons as before….

Thanks for your attention

Its normal for the glans to be softer. I noticed this much more after starting to PE because my erections got that much harder.

Maybe the condoms are breaking for other reasons.

Personally I lose my erection a little when I lose concentration sometimes, it can go quickly or not at all. I don’t worry about it.

I’m not sure of the answer about holding back. I’ve never really noticed, normally I have other things on my mind. I tend to find I lose it a bit after coming.

Some people complain about morning erections. I think that when you are PE’ing a little too hard to start with your penis gives up a little and the erections aren’t so long lived (or at least you don’t have a chance to have a coffee and ead the morning paper before they subside).

PE makes you take a lot more notice of the state of your penis and the blaringly normal can seem rather strange with enough time and effort.


Thanks Memento….this glans thing was starting to make me worry a lot….at least I know that is normal…

good luck with your peing

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