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Is this a thrombosed vein or what

Is this a thrombosed vein or what

Instead of reattaching everything here and posting everything I posted my original questions in the member pics section but didn’t get that many response. So hopefully you guys in here can help me out more.

To sum it up I been doing the newbie routine for close to a month now just doing 5 minutes of manual stretching in all directions occasionally I will throw in some Jai Stretches for 3 minutes and then 10 to 15 minutes of wet jelqing and that’s it.

Here is the link to other thread Lump or Vein

Again the spot feels hard so I don’t think it’s a vein and my question is, is this a bad thing? It doesn’t hurt at all but feels hard and like rigid kind of and only shows when I have a boner and sometimes it doesn’t even show.

Should I be worried?


I don’t see anything in your pics. A thrombosed vein feels like a guitar string, and it hurts also I think.

If you look on the third one you can see it a little better even though it’s a pic from the top, below the head after I jelq do you see like this raised line? Like it’s hard and lumpy doesn’t hurt but has happened since I started this newbie routine.

Vein or fluid, isn’t dangerous, right? If it is a vein, pushing smoothly on it you should be able to feel the heart-beat?

Well I guess your right they aren’t dangerous but my point it has developed since I started the newbie routine, I just want to make sure that it’s not a big deal and that if other people have gotten this as well from PEing?

Should I continue my routine? Or stop for a while? I guess if it’s not a big deal I will continue because I have been continuing my routine when I noticed this about a week ago.

My friend, you should ask a Doctor because no one will be able to calm your worries here.

If it is fluid build up, you should notice it even more when you are flaccid. If it is a vein, you should feel blood flowing inside. It is impossible to say more without direct examination of your penis (not that I would be interested in it, just to be clear).

In your pants, I wouldn’t stop. But in your pants, I guess I wouldn’t have noticed it either.

Well lets say if it was a fluid build up, should I stop PEing until it goes away or no big deal?

Take a break for a couple days. Does it seem lessened? It sounds like a thrombosed vein to me, but I can’t say for sure. I’d lay off the PE routinf for a few days and see if it improves at all. If it does, that means more time off will bring even more relief. I recently had one, not bad, not painful, but I took about ten days off, massaging the spot under hot water in the shower occasionally, and it cleared right up.

Thanks for the info.

Well to be honest it doesn’t bother me at all I really don’t care about it, I just want to make sure it’s nothing serious in the sense I can severely injure my penis by continuing? Do I have to stop can I just continue without resting?

Here is an update I guess I never really paid attention because I couldn’t see it when flaccid, but if I push down on that same area right under the head on the right side there is something hard. So definitely something wrong right? Again this does not hurt or irritate at all. So that is why I am not really worrying at all unless someone knows something I don’t? Would I be affected permanently from this? From what I understand it’s best to stop PEing once you actually feel some kind of pain or discomfort, which I don’t have.

The only thing with me is that I noticed it that’s all.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated please.


Anyone at all?

If I were you I would wait for a while (until April) and then take another look; if everything is back to normal I would continue with light PE.

Nonetheless, in my opinion is not fluid.

Okay I will probably do that, but lets say it is a TV or something else, because I heard a clogged artery is considered to permanently damage you, so did I permanently damage my penis?

What’s weird also is I have not done PE in 2 days so far and no masturbation/sex and now when flaccid the spot is even harder.

I really hope I have not permanently damaged my penis especially from just straight up a newbie routine.

I get this after clamping. Normally it’s just on the left side, behind my glans. It’s soft and squishy, normally it goes away after an hour or 2.

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