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Is this a thrombosed vein


T-rex and chi.....

Don’t want to put you off, but i thrombosed one of my veins then took around 5-6 days off.

I then resumed where i left off and this time the vein thrombosed from head to pelvis and took 4 months to heal up.

I know everyone is anxious to get back to getting a bigger cock as soon as possible (i was!) but sometimes a little more time off saves a lot more later. I wish i’d taken just another week off.

I’m back at it now but i could have been practically at my goal by now if i had have been more patient.

See Ya,



Thanks for your input. I have a few questions if you dont mind.

How was your vein when you resumed PE? I mean still hard, soft, looked totally healed? and what exercises did you do when you re-injured?

My veins are getting way softer and I thought maybe I would start hanging lightly again, since I never had any problems with that, only with stretching.

I really want to start again, but I am not sure on how to. What would you say we should stay away from? I know whatever I do I will do it very carefully, but maybe some things we should not do at all. Im setting my mind to start on the weekend, but if things dont look right Ill probably take a few more days. I just want to know what I should not even try.


It would be real smart to wait until it is completely healed.

Just my opinion.


I know bogava, thanks. The thing is I am almost there. I thrombosed 2 veins (actually I think they are arteries). The left one is almost totally soft and this was the one with the bumps. The right one still is a little hard, but Im guessing in 2-3 days will be ok.

Until they are both totally soft I wont do anything but hot massages and maybe very little light jelqing to help the blood get moving. But after that I intend to gradually increase the exercises. I am only concerned as to what I should avoid. Thanks for your opinion, I know that many people here know better than me and I really value this input.


paranoia sets in

Great now I’m getting paranoid- don’t want to hang for another year.

I tell you this pe stuff sure carries a high stress factor.

Why does man’s greatest finding have to be such a risky one-lol.


At least you have found the smilies to keep you occupied until it is time to get back to work.:D

It is risky, but you can limit that risk by paying attention. Just make dam sure you are healed up before you start back, and then start back slow and easy. Don’t try to make up for lost time.

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Hi Chi,

In answer to your questions:

>>How was your vein when you resumed PE? I mean still hard, >>soft, looked totally healed?

Soft - looked totally healed

>>what exercises did you do when you re-injured?

Jelqing then hanging.

>>My veins are getting way softer and I thought maybe I would >>start hanging lightly again, since I never had any problems >>with that, only with stretching.

I think it is unlikely that hanging responsibly could cause a thrombus in the first place, however, since the hanger impedes bloodflow i would stay away from this even until you are confident you are fully healed.

>>I really want to start again, but I am not sure on how to.

Easy. As if you were starting from scratch as a newbie.

>>What would you say we should stay away from?

Hanging directly after jelqing. High internal pressure exercises.

>>I just want to know what I should not even try.

Until you have toughened up your penis do not even try:

Erect bands, horse440s, ulis or extreme jelqs.

Hope this helps - i don’t want to put you off getting back to it - but if i had taken an extra week or so it might have saved me 4 months off. :)

See Ya,


Thanks BigJ

Ok, so I wont :jelq: and then :hanger: , I sure dont want my dick to :bang:

Thanks for :thats: to me

I found the smilies too!! I hope they show up

Seriously, BigJ, thank you so much. I will follow your advice and pass it on if I see someone going through this. I owe you one buddy.

Hey T-Rex

I was wandering how you were doing now. I decided to take at least 3 more days off, but I believe your injury was less severe and I would like to know, if you are back in business, what are you up to and how is your dick responding. Take care.


Whats up Chi

Yeah man I’m back in business alright, but on light duty :spin: Yesterday I hung at 10 lbs. like I was before I stopped. But when I stopped I was doing 3 sessions of 20 min. , so to start off I only did 2 sets of 10 min. worked out well, I was nervous as sh#*t though.

I will have another light duty night tonight, probably start to increase time a bit in approx. 2 days. Thanks so much for your concern, I hope you the best. Keep us posted, and take it slow.

Lots don’t seem to keep us posted lol, yeah I know this is 6 years old

I had what I thought was a thrombosed vein,which came coincidentally 2-3 days after I incorporated 5-10 mins of Jelqing after my 6 sets a day of hanging, therefore I’m sticking to BTB jelqing after hanging.I thought I could cheat and get 5-10 mins of jelqing and maybe get some girth gains while I’m hanging, but I say forget jelqing after hanging, for me anyway

What I had left after 2 days, I didn’t have to cut down on my hanging at all, I put a heat pad on it for awhile and moved it around, then it left, scary as crap


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