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Is it possible to have an injury but still have good EQ?

Is it possible to have an injury but still have good EQ?

I had good EQ today and decided I was rested enough from my last workout 4 days ago. I am trying to go slow to ease in. However, with a rice sock warming up, I felt some pain in my shaft while just moving the sock to a different part of the shaft. It was minor, but it was definitely there and I immediately stopped. I was able to reproduce the same pain 2-3 more times by rubbing my unit as if beating off for a couple seconds.

I have a old thrombosed vein on that side which has not been affecting my EQ or bothering me, and the pain was close to that area but it felt different. I am confused since I had good EQ yesterday and today, and I jerked off yesterday with no pain ( which was 3 days after my most recent workout, after which I had normal/good EQ).

My question is what is this? What is an injury that can happen without affecting EQ? My unit looks normal so there was no vein breakage. If I had to guess it would be a stressed /overstretched tunica or CS which hasn’t ruptured since EQ is fine. It could also be my T-vein acting up although the pain feels different.

Either way I will wait for 2 weeks until it feels better. Thanks.

Just give it time to heal and masturbation won’t help it heal.

The short answer is yes, you can have good EQ and still be injured. I burned my glans and EQ never suffered. The entire month it took to heal I had to fight getting erect so I didn’t slow it down.

Injury means leave it alone. Even if EQ is up, if you know you’re just act like it.

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Thank you for the input, jimmybob and TG. I will take 2 weeks totally off, no touching. I wish I knew what my injury was so I could avoid it next time though. I know it is not glans related for example, TG.

To help figure out my injury, the only exercises I have done in the past months are warmup+ stretching and medium-low pressure manual clamping. (Just because this can maintain a equal level of pressure and I don’t want to jelq since it creates lower to higher pressure at different parts of the movement which I am scared of.)

I always check my EQ after a workout to make sure I didn’t overdo it. I only hold 30 second low pressure clamps with my fingers for about 5 minutes.So I am confused what injury I may have gotten. Guessing it is tunica related, maybe just an overstressed part of it, or maybe the old T vein got re aggravated. Do you guys have any thoughts? Thanks again.

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