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Is Boston Medical a scam?

Is Boston Medical a scam?

Live in NYC. I have ED problems because of an injury I sustained while jelqing too hard and masturbating 5 years ago that I never received help in. I been to so many urologists and none of them seem to really help me. The currently urologist I see did all the test, blood test, urine test, doppler ultrascan of testicles and penis, and the nocturnal erection test.

He tells me the nocturnal erection test shows my problem is related to something physical and not psychological. However, he tells me he does not know what is the actual physical cause. His only solution for me is viagra, cialist or injections.

A person in another forum recommend me to see Boston Medical. I know insurance does not cover it and it cost about $3000 to do all the test. I don’t care because I can pay the money but I heard online many people say it is a scam. They alway diagnose you with E.D and they make you buy the injections. I have a problem with this because I heard they do this with every single patient who sees them.

Does anyone know if they would suggest something else like surgery or what not or do they all do the same thing and just make you buy the injections and not give you the real problems?

Send me a PM if you would like more help with your problem. There could be some physiological issues that are contributing to your problem and I will help you work through them. I will have lots of specific questions so be ready to articulate answers if you want my help.

I went to BOSTON MEDICAL. They make you fill out a form of a bunch of questions. Than I fondles your package to check for problems.

Ultrasound, or something similar to check for damage.

Than an injection, to see if an erection can be acheived-to make sure the bloodflow to the penis is fine, and there isn’t venous leakage.

Everything was fine for me.

So they told me my issues were psycological. THEY NEVER DID A URINE TEST, or BLOOD TEST to see if there was a testosterone or neurotransmitter defeciency.

Then when I looked at there diagnosis, they tried giving me a diagnosis of premature ejaculation, which has never been an issue with me, and was not the reason I went there to begin with. I went there because of lack of desire- which I now understand to be HSD, after I went to a sex therapist.

They wanted me to pay $1350.00 for 6 month supply of injections, for an issue I didn’t even have in the first place.

It was very unprofessional. Don’t waste your time. Go to a sex therapist and she can point you in the right direction. PM me if you wish.


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