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I just started back to jelqing, uli’s and my own horse440 but for the mid-shaft. I was doing a regular horse and saw a bubble on the bottom left side of my shaft. It scared the shit out of me. When my erection subsided I looked at it some more and it looks like a bad bruise. Obviously I blew something up inside and will take some time off. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone here. It doesnt hurt, but the side of my shaft feels a little tender.

You just started back and you do advanced exercises? Big mistake. If just starting back means after a long lay off, then you have to start back as a newbie. And you are supposed to be a smart newbie at that.

Hello geprent101,

Thanks for the quick reply, your right I jumped right back in to advanced exercises but this time I went on daily basis recently. I have done these exercises in the past but not everyday. I think it was a new exercise I have been doing recently. It’s basically a horse440 but I grab about an inch above the base with an OK grip and try to leave enough room to wrap the rest of my fingers around the base. It has done wonders for my mid-shaft girth which needs help. I’m still off and it’s healing well and can’t wait to get back again. I’ll be more careful when I resume.

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