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While edging with a cock ring on I felt some pain on the under side. There is a Bruce that starts just under the head and continues on the head.

It’s not huge and has some slight pain. I have stopped P.E. To heal. Any Idea what happened?

A Bruce? Lee?

That’s funny totally missed that one

A bruising you meant? How much time passed and how is going now? Do you feel pain or numbness?

It happened 3 days ago,pain was slight and is almost gone today, no numbness.

It kind of looks like a blown vein?

Take a rest and let breathing your boom boom

Yes, seems probable. Were you also jelqing or squeezing your penis? It’s strange that a cock-ring cause this problem - can you post a pic of that thing?

If it’s going away, all is good. The bad news is should avoid any kind of compressive PE (jelq, clamping etc.) for at least two weaks - better one month.

If vessels are repeatedly hurted, they tend to become weaker. When you have the chance, report the injury to your Doc, also, maybe doing some exams would not be a bad idea.

I’ve been quite aggressive for a newbie which is bad. I’ve gained 1/4 inch both ways in 2 months by being careful.

I haven’t been this hard since I was in my 20’s (I’m 47 now) My wife noticed during sex saying My God did you dick get fatter?

(5.75 girth) that being said,I had gone trough my routine and put on a tight cock ring and starting edging with some squeezing.

Had that bad boy out to 6” in girth when I felt pain. It is much better today! Live and learn..

Part of the reason I posted this is so others can learn from my mistake. Thanks for all the input.

Congrats for gain, and for better EQ.

Maybe it could be a good idea taking an aspirin in the days when you do girth-work - of course, ask to your Doc, maybe it could interfere with some other medicine you eventually are taking.

And yes, all newbies, learn from that. We vets don’t preach “Be cautious” just for the sake.

Pictures are not very good but maybe you can make it out

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