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Injury with jelqs

Injury with jelqs

Hello everyone

7 months ago, I injured myself while doing one hour of 100% hard jelqs.

The same day, a few hours later, I was still able to have a 100% erection, but the next day I couldn’t get it up at all.

I stopped masturbation, I did the cold/hot treatment, applied some essential oil (the “evo” mixture, I’m not sure of the name).

After a few weeks/months, I was able to get some 60% but no more. I did a lot of kegel for several weeks and I was able to have
Some 90/95% erection, but the thing is every time I masturbate, my skin/veins would turn really red.

I was able to maintain a erection while standing.

So I totally cut off porn and masturbation and didn’t think about sex for several more months, but the thing is now I can not have the 90/95% erection I was able to have before, more like 60%

My skin is still turning a little red if I try to masturbate.

Does the fact that I didn’t had erections for several month made my BC muscle very weak? Like when you get a leg surgery and you are not able to walk for a long time and your find yourself with weak quadriceps.

Does a weak BC muscle would be the cause of my ED? Because when I used to do a lot of kegels, I was able to have some good erections.

Why my skin is turning red?

What should I do?

Why were you jelqing at 100%? I’ve no answer I’ve no answer I’m afraid, Hope some Vet can help you out

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I was jelqing at 100% because I was looking for girth. And because I’m stupid.

Skin turning red is not a big issue, whatever the cause - unlikely ED and skin colour can relate, IMHO.

Just rest and be glad that you haven’t caused a way worse injury. Now you learnt the hard way. You’ll be fine after some weeks. See a doctor if you want to calm down your anxiety, which alwasy plays a role in similar circumstances.

The thing is, it’s already been more than 7 months now.

I know that my penis is not totally broke because I was able to get erect at some point, but I don’t understand why those times I can’t get it hard anymore.

Jelqing used to work a lot on my EQ, so I want to start again (way more carefully) but on a other hand I don’t want to damage my penis even more (if it’s still injured).

Only an urologist can confirm if your dick is brocken. Go to see one.

I do the same thing which is jelqing at high erection and lose my EQ for a couple of days. However I have been careful enough not to do more than 5 mins of 25 reps of 5 sec jelqs, it did help me with some girth gain or at-least a feeling of being slightly more engorged. My erections do return to normal after a day or two with strong morning wood.

After reading this, I guess I would stop jelqing at high level of erection henceforth. BTW do you get morning wood? If you do your member is not physiologically broken!

Originally Posted by nivarp
I guess I would stop jelqing at high level of erection henceforth.

100% erect jelqing is pretty dangerous, I would never do it, I don’t think anybody on thunders advises doing it. Especially not newbies. Good idea to stop.

I think you have been off PE long enough to recover from a most PE injuries. If you still have not recovered I think it is time you go see a doctor.

Take care and I hope you recover to your pre-injury EQ.

4Foreskin ;)

If you’re going to do 100% erection jelqs, you might as well do horse440’s

Starting Stats: 7 BPEL x 5.75 MSEG (April 14, 2010)

Current Stats: 7 BPEL x 5.8125 MSEG

I talked with my doctor a few months ago and didn’t saw anything wrong. I’m not at home at the moment, I will see an urologist when I will come back in a few weeks.

What do you guys think about the fact that when I was doing a lot of kegel I was able to have pretty strong erections, but since I stopped masturbation and did a porn detox for a few months, I’m not able to get hard?

Does the fact that I didn’t had erections for several month made my BC muscle very weak?

Originally Posted by calbijos

Does the fact that I didn’t had erections for several month made my BC muscle very weak?

If you’re having nocturnal erections, then you’re probably having quite a few long and strong erections each night.

Some things I should had mention, when I masturbate, all the Little veins are also turning red, and for several weeks I had some scratching feelings in my gland.

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