INJURY: Thrombosed VEIN vs. Lymph vessel

Guys: what I have is a squiggly vein-like thing, like a rubber band, but it is NOT blue, and it has small lumps in it. It is on the left side of my shaft, about an inch down. This does not sound like the thrombosed vein people are describing right under the head.

If in fact this is a lymph vessel that I injured, do you know what a good treatment is, or how long it will take to heal?

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics