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Injury story

Interesting stuff, Portland. So do you think the cold compression treatments to the penis have revived some of the tissue, or was it always there sort of on the threshold of being healed fully? Because I was wondering if some of this tissue dies out after being starved of oxygen and blood for so long, and can no longer be restored. Please tell us your method of cold treatments; I might as well try it as everything else I have done hasn’t gotten me over my current plateau.

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Originally Posted by JGP06
Thanks for that info portland.

Is your assessment of clot in the soft tissue and thrombosed vein based on self-diagnosis or practitioner diagnosis?

Self-diagnosis. I could visibly see the clot and as for the vein, it was quite prominent.

Originally Posted by daysdrag
Interesting stuff, Portland. So do you think the cold compression treatments to the penis have revived some of the tissue, or was it always there sort of on the threshold of being healed fully? Because I was wondering if some of this tissue dies out after being starved of oxygen and blood for so long, and can no longer be restored. Please tell us your method of cold treatments; I might as well try it as everything else I have done hasn’t gotten me over my current plateau.

I’m not sure if it revived some of the tissues. My initial thoughts on the application was to encourage the tears in the tissue to seal and to get any blood out of the wounds. Kind of to bind the tissue back together. I’m also guessing that the cold compression was just an additional energy/ information source that my body needed in order to help the wounds into a recovery mode.
I used a cold wrap, applied it for about 10 minutes. I did this about 5 times each day. Be careful not to put ice directly onto skin though.

I also considered doing hot and cold therapy. I did this on the soft tissue of my ankle, (which definitely helped heal the damage I did through a sports injury) where I put my ankle in hot water for 2 minutes and then into ice for 2 minutes.

Just got back from the urologist appointment.

I told him how I sustained the trauma from penis enlargement via jelqing, which he seemed to take on board pretty well, although he did not seem to know what jelqing was, equating it to penis pumping.

He reiterated how the doppler scan I had in 2007 showed no artery or venous problems/ leak. He said the only other test to investigate this further would involve injecting dyes into the penis, but this was usually reserved for cases where a leak was identified.

I asked about possible soft-tissue damage - he replied that that the scan showed no scar tissue or fibrosis so this was unlikely.

I asked about the possibility of nerve damage - he replied that there was no way in testing the nerves on the penis, but stated that it was possible.

I mentioned how the viagra that I trialled a handful of times in 2008 seemed to have little effect, only bringing my penis to it’s soft-erection state for longer. He gave me 14 days worth of cialis to trial and a couple of levitra. He said to take one cialis a day over a 2 week period, engaging in normal sexual activites, and report back. I have another appointment with him in 3.5 weeks.

He put forward the possibility that I had damaged the base of the penis somehow, which makes sense given that jelqing starts from the base and I was using an underhand grip that applied pressure on the sides of penis.

So no concrete answers but at least I’m working again on this problem instead of running away from it.

Some Ideas I’ve built up now..

Could gradual deformity of the penis from jelqing taken place resulting in a suddent over-night inability to get a workable erection? The sudden pain from my incident suggest that perhaps there is more to it.

Can soft-tissue and smooth muscle damage be completely ruled out by the lack of scar tissue and fibrosis in the doppler scan?

The “firm flaccid penis” thread suggests that pelvic floor exercises may help..

I’ve read another story about nerve damage in the back and how that affected nerves in the penis.

Portland has also added some useful advice and info about ice compression on soft-tissue injuries, and also damage to the fascia.

So alot to consider.

Also, another thought, has anyone with this kind of problem noticed that they masturbate with a jelq like grip? I feel like the way I masturbate has changed since the injury.I feel I use more force, more of the hand and a more jelq like grip.hmmmm

Another interesting article..


In particular

“.Several preoperative findings supported the diagnosis of venogenic erectile dysfunction, including the patient’s inadequate erectile response to penile injection and sexual stimulation and the failure of pharmacologic intervention with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Color duplex ultrasound provided a clear diagnosis of non-ischemic priapism, negating any need for further diagnostic testing. Non-ischemic priapism is a rare urologic condition that in most cases occurs as a result of blunt perineal or penile trauma. It usually presents with the delayed onset of a persistent, painless partial erection following nocturnal erections, when high pressure and flow rupture the damaged arterial wall. A history of perineal trauma with a painless, partial erection is suggestive of the condition.”

Dudes .. you kind of piss me off. I will tell you what is the problem in 50 to 90% of your cases(ONCE AGAIN!). Due to rough masturbation , bending and jelqing I got an injury .. the symptoms were many but the most important are:
1.Firm flaccid penis (especially when standing)
2.Weaker erections that need manual stimulation in order to exist.
3.Less sensitivity in the glans and of course softer glans.
4.Less libido.
I’ve had this since I got 20 .. now I’m 22 so I’ve had it 2 years with no improvement until NOW. For about 5 months I got less firm flaccid(now it’s practically not firm) , more sensitive head and obviously(to me) firmer erections. It’s not done yet but I think it is on the way ..

What I did ?
1.I made huge fu**ing research on the Internet about all the conditions that are related .. I’ve wondered with months “what could it bee , what could it bee” …
2.I went to an urologist - he was kind of pathetic(most of them are) and even I had more clear thought about what’s going on. They are not magicians .. and some of them are not even smart.
3.I started experimenting with different stuff .. ginkgo biloba , vitamins ..
4.I’m kinda getting annoyed so I will tell you what works without much more writing ..

Just have self discipline(this is the crucial part) - that’s wright - stop abusing your penis. STOP Masturbating - you must have in mind that it is very unlikely for your penis to improve if you masturbate - VERY,VERY unlikely. Just do not look at your penis as a toy anymore .. it is not a toy and it’s purpose for sure is not what you make of it!
Not masturbating might not be enough though .. generally the body has a clear idea how to repair it but if you are a chronic masturbator it is out of “fuel”. I’m using Lioton .. it’s a gel against varicose veins and internal hematomas - it helped me I think. Go get the stuff and apply it everyday. Start replenishing your chemistry by taking some Zinc 30mg daily. Also DO flaccid kegels - this helps very,very much. Do at least 3 sets per day. Also get in shape overall and in psychic balance. And voila in a 3-4 months you will only START getting your penis back .. it works - you will see only if you prove that you have strong will and deserve to be healed. If you don’t - well it sux - I know how hard it sux(first hand).
I wish you all good luck and do not lose hope, mates!

Originally Posted by chrono_
Daysdrag - nonono. Wtf are you dude doing taking Viagra ?! Do you even know how is it working ? It is an exactly opposite principle of the L-arginine. The normal erection induces nitric oxide(N.O.) and this oxide is crucial for the process. It will keep your penis in shape and it will heal it if a problem is present. Many studies have shown that Peyronie’s disease(which you get exactly from abusing your penis) is partially healed by making the body syntheses additional N.O. The viagra kills the N.O. And the chemical sequence that is needed for the penis to go down is disturbed - thus presenting you with an everlasting artificial erection with no N.O. VERY VERY susceptible to an injury and if you have injury it will probably worsen.


I believe the above to be false. Here is an article about a couple of guys who had serious cases of priapism and as a result had an indurated or “woody” flaccid penis. They talk about sildenafil being an NO upregulator.


This next article doesn’t really show too much, but the one thing that caught my interest is that the doctor made note that the man’s penis was “turgid” upon examination. And that it relaxed after a couple of minutes. I wonder if this man’s penis was always turgid like this or if this was a result of the injury. If it was a result of the injury, it is obvious that there are a number of different situations that can cause this “firm flaccid” (priapism, blunt penile trauma, etc.)


Chrono, does make some really great points in the post above. The most important being DO NOT MASTURBATE. I mean if you just think about it logically, would you yank on your finger if you jammed it playing a sport? If your finger was all inflamed and swolen, would you just keep beating it up.? If you had an injured knee, would you keep running on it or keep doing heavy lifts?

When a urologist tells you that sexual activity is good for penile health, the MAIN reason is because the penis is an hypoxic environment and getting erections helps pump fresh oxygen rich blood into your penis. In order to try and heal, I have been achieving erections ( no real care as to the hardness just so that mentally you don’t go crazy, just getting fresh blood in there) occasionally through visual stimulation and MAYBE also SLIGHT SLIGHT manual stimulation like with lube. I also was taking 1200mg of pentoxyfilline per day. Now this pentoxyfilline didn’t really help me get good rock hard erections at all while I was on it, but I think it may have helped attenuate some of the corporal fibrosis that I had and probably still have.

I wish I could fully comment on the status of my penis, but to be honest with you I haven’t really tried to do anything sexual so I don’t really know (I haven’t had an orgasm in like 7 months or something, yea I know pretty crazy). I will say that it is less hard when flaccid even while I’m sanding, maybe even much less. I will also mention that at first when I would obtain these erections my penis would get really hard and flaccid right after. Now when I get them my penis detumesces kind of normal and it’s not really that hard in the flaccid state.

Now, I don’t really want to “jinx” myself (really I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment) by saying oh I’m beginning to recover, because until I actually get out there and “at it” I won’t really know. In fact that is the main reason that I haven’t come back on here, although I do check the site almost everyday. I apologize for not posting and all I guess, but this has been an INCREDIBLE mental struggle. My brain has had to adapt in so many ways it is ridiculous, and I’m still no where near out of the woods yet - I know that.

I would like to also mention something that has crossed my mind a few times. IT has occured to me that the penis is an incredibly incredibly different part of the body when we compare to others. I mean if you think about it, some people are growers and some are showers - that is kind of a weird and unexplainable thing about all of ours units. I remember when I was first getting into PE (which I haven’t touched at ALL in 7 months) I was doing lots and lots and lots of research (Of course I wasn’t a member so I couldn’t access the injuries/treatments forum - WHICH IS A RULE THAT I WISH WOULD BE CHANGED but understand why they wouldn’t want this to be visible to curious visitors). I remember coming across a thread about BIB in which he kind of described all of the changes in his penis. He said things like before his penis was infantile in appearance and his scrotum was retracted a lot (this isn’t exact, but kind of what I remember). And after all the hanging and growing, BIB said his penis now hangs very low and prominent and the skin is very dark, and his scrotum hangs lower. He also said that his penis felt a lot “heavier” like there’s just a lot more mass than there was before. Kind of similar to what others here have described.

So sometimes I think that maybe after some more healing, that maybe everything will be ok. That my junk has just gone through some sort of change, but that it’s gonna be okay. I’ve seen many many many urologists at the beginning of this situation, but the best one had a couple of very interesting comments to make, moreso than any of the research professional doctors around.. One of them was when I asked him if my penis could heal. And he said to me that “we like to think that our penises are very special and very different, but that is not true at all. The penis is just like every other part of the body, and is capable of doing some incredible healing on it’s own” I will never forget that statement. I don’t know if it will turn out to be as he said, but I just try to do the right things for my body and remain optimistic ( Don’t get me wrong it is very dark and difficult at times).

Hope that helps a little. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. You don’t know what kind of mood or state of mind people are in while they are typing, let alone what kind of people are doing the typing in general. People can say anything on a whim, and there are a lot of foolish people that spout things off with the confidence of fact. Reading these things can cause an incredible amount of psychotic thoughts and such.

Anyways, I’m out of here.


Thanks for the intelligent post, Ghost. I am in a similar situation and your words mean a lot.

For those that are interested in this thread..

I’ve been taking cialis for 10 ten days now. I didnt notice any change after the first 3 or 4 days but since then I’ve noticed a marked improvement in hardness and ability to maintain an erection. Ofcourse not back to what it was before the injury but definitely harder and firmer while erect.

Also I had an osteopath appointment today where I explained my erectile dysfunction. He found extreme tightness in the L4 and sacrem straight away.

I’m not sure it will help on a long run .. but it is worth to try. Tell us how u feel in a week or so, mate ..

I’ve been taking L-arginine(3X1000mg) 3 days now. It is a good stuff(I think).

Ofcourse cialis is not a long term option, but it’s good to know that a functioning erection is still possible.

I’m more and more convinced that this is a nerve related problem, related to the lower back tension.

Sorry to hear about the injury!

How’s it going guys? Any improvement in the symptoms? I’m still in the same situation - pretty dead penis, scrunched up looking, weak nocturnal erections, brown discoloration and a waste deformity. Went back to see an andrologist, who is now recommending surgical options, pending the result of some tests. His reckoning is that the smooth muscle in the corporal bodies are torn and have scarred up, basically a penile fracture, but it does seem that the tunica is intact throughout. Apparently the tissue in the penis does not regenerate and there is no operation to repair this damage - bugger.


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