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Injury story

My story..Premature Ejaculation This is something like my story. I understand what you must gone through.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Anyone know how jtmorgan10 condition is to day?

Very sad story, I never thought that PE could be this dangerous!!

Any of vets, do you know something that explain this?

Bumping, hoping this worked out for the better… this story really got to me…

This was enough to make me decide to stop.

Thunder please don’t ban me for posting this message in several threads. It really would be devastating, sincerely. I am looking for jtmorgan10 if anyone knows his email address or how to get a hold of him please respond to this thread.

I believe that these are just unfortunate incidents and not typical of well practiced PE. With that said, here is my situation and I’m trying to sound a call for action.

I have been experiencing the similar problems as zonquor,jtmorgan10 and others. I heard what seemed to be an innocuous pop at the left dorsal base of the penis after stretching. My penis is now hard and turtles when flaccid, when I stand up. When I’m sitting or lying down, it’s not as hard. My penis is sore if I try to squeeze it. I also have a pain like a pulled muscle in the perineum, but I believe this was from a separate incident. I’ve seen two urologists in the past two days and they both told me absolutely nothing is wrong. Actually, today there were two urologists that saw me and they both were kind of laughing at my concerns and told me to wait a month and it will heal.

I have a terrible feeling that this is not going to be healed in a month. I am trying to gather a group of people with similar symptoms so that we can all go to a special doctor and request some serious tests and investigation. By special I mean a center that solely focuses on innovative treatments for penile trauma. I know that Cornell has a fairly good center but I will do more research. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS AND I FEEL THAT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY ANY OF THESE UROLOGISTS WILL BELIEVE OUR CONDITION IS REAL.

I really feel like I severed a blood vessel and that was the popping sound that I heard. I used to have two PROMINENT veins that came from the center base dorsally and then each wrapped around the sides to the underside of the penis where they ran up towards the glans. The one on the left where I heard the pop is now gone.

I have tried to explain this to the urologists but they will not listen to me. They say that the vessels that cause an erection are deep within the penis. I have a feeling that the subcutaneous arteries that I am referring to might be responsible for supplying blood to the penis while flaccid. This is why the penis turtles because it is not receiving enough blood flow in a soft flaccid state. It turtles so the entire penis can be oxygenated while in the flaccid state.

All the urologists say that if a vessel ruptured your penis would swell up like a balloon and you would see discoloration. I really believe they are referring to symptoms of a broken penis in which a large artery is ruptured and blood fills the penis. These arteries are not as large and I believe that they can clot more easily which keeps these swelling and discoloration symptoms from appearing.

PLEASE FIND ANYONE WITH THESE SYMPTOMS AND HAVE THEM REPORT TO THIS THREAD. Like I said I have a sick feeling that this is not going to be better within a month, and I want to have an army of people with similar symptoms that can all stick up for each other. I will check back to this thread on a daily basis. Hopefully people will respond over time.

Like most others I cannot get this out of my head and it is beginning to drive me absolutely crazy. The fact that no one believes me when I try to explain this to them is even worse. I know I don’t have an MD but I’m not an idiot and can understand the basics of anatomy and physiology.

Please respond and search for others to refer to this thread. Thank you.

Thunder or any mod, like I said I am begging you that you don’t ban me. This is the only medium and opportunity that I have to gather others that might be around the world with these same symptoms.

ghost when did this happen dude?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

About 6 days ago.

Just a note I tried to edit my post but the 10 minute time limit had past.

The arteries I was referring to that might not cause serious internal bleeding and discoloration when ruptured are the subcutaneous dorsal arteries. Which is the ones that I think I ruptured. If the deep larger artery was broken then there would be more visible symptoms. This is part of the reason that the doctors don’t believe any of us in my opinion.

The fact that the doctors don’t believe you is really frustrating like you would not believe. I really can’t blame them though because these are probably very rare incidents. That is why I’m desperately trying to form some sort of coalition of people with the same symptoms; so that we can all approach the doctors and say, “Look this is for real”.

No I swear to God Thunder. I just wrote to firegoat about this. I promise you Thunder I haven’t been banned from here or any forum anywhere. This is only the second forum I’ve ever joined regarding any topic ( the other is a sports one). I just found out about PE like two months ago. I was excited when you opened registration so that I could get involved and then this happened to me! Please Thunder I really feel like you are holding my life in your hands right now and I’m not lying I swear.

Also, I’m not bashing this site at all I feel like PE could work but I just overdid it. I was in a bad situation and trying to do too much too fast. If you could please just help me to try and contact these people I would really appreciate it like you would not believe.

If there is no reason for you to be banned, then don’t worry about it. You can stay as long as you like.

Try sending them a PM and also attempt to use the forum email feature to contact them. IF they don’t reply, then wait a week or so and try again.

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Has anyone else noticed other changes such as a change in skin tone/colour and bending/curving of the penis?

My problem sounds similar but with a few other symptoms and has been going on for about 3 years now. I did suffer a slight knock to my penis on one occasion and the next morning I noticed bruising on the top side of my penis but don’t know if this is related. Anyway, it returned to normal quickly and I thought nothing of it. Sometime after this, I’m not sure how long, I noticed one morning that the head of my penis was enlarged. Again I thought nothing of this as it subsided and was fine the next couple of mornings. But it started becoming enlarged again on more and more occasions. Then my penis began hanging more to one side, and when I started to have an erection the right side seemed to fill up with blood first before the whole thing became engorged. Then maybe weeks or months after this, I can’t remember, all of a sudden the skin tone changed. It became very thin looking and unhealthy. Now my penis is becoming more and more curved to one side, as if there is a blockage in blood flow to the side in question.

My penis feels fine when I’m sat down or layed down, but as soon as I stand up the right side relaxes and is fine as it should be but the left side stays tight and constricted as if blood flow is not getting to it. And the whole thing feels hard inside and not relaxed as I think it should be. Also at the left side that seems to be the problem, there is a large protruding vein that was never there before. It feels constantly uncomfortable and it’s never off my mind because of this. I could live with the hard flaccid penis, and the prominent veins, but the fact that my penis is now becoming more and more curved to one side is very depressing. This plus the constant pain is not good.

I have seen 2 urologists so far and neither of them seem particularly interested. I did show one of them pictures of my penis in it’s worsened state and he did acknowledge that maybe it was changing but then just said that was normal. I think he either just didn’t know what the problem was or just didn’t care. I’ve had a doppler ultrasound scan, a pelvic MRI scan, and a cystoscopy. None of which have apparently shown anything wrong. I’m due to see my MD again next week to try and arrange a visit with a different urologist. I’m hoping to get another doppler scan as things have worsened considerably lately, and I cannot believe that this can happen without anything showing up. I was thinking maybe what the other guy suggested that it may be something to do with an artery, maybe a blockage to one on the left side. I don’t have any problems with sensation, or erections, apart from being very rarely in the mood these days due to what is happening.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has any of these symptoms too, I’ve been looking on the net since it started happening to me and although found things fairly similar I’ve not found anyone with something completely identical.

This sounds very similar to what I have. SCARY!


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