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Injury story

I am sorry for your story but you do not have to panic, ever.
Have a general check up, sometimes we blame an effect to the wrong reason > get a real diagnosis signed by at least two doctors.
Do not go by trial, the only trial you could do is do nothing

also remember

Avoid using your penis for any activity different from pissing
Avoid bad food, smoke and coffee
Avoid having a nice woman in your bed if you cannot make love to her
That alone could make impotent any one
Avoid any medication if you are not clearly certified what is your sickness
Do not pretend this problem has nothing to do with your nerves: even if it had not, now it has
Nature is the best doctor
time does most of any job
trust your self and nature: you will see that things will get better shortly

Don’t worry too much, see another doctor

Amigo: clearly, *something* is wrong. I feel for you. However, I also believe that practically *anything* can be cured if you set your mind to it and you apply natural cure methods such as those contained in the very best manuals on natural healing. Scar tissue CAN be resolved. Nerve damage CAN be repaired. Tissues which have hardened, become diseased, atrophied, or necrotic can become supple and clean again and eventually be replaced by healthy tissue (in the case of necrosis, they’re *dead* and actually have to be replaced).

I would specifically recommend three books: “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss, “Healing With Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford, and “The Way of Herbs” by Micheal Tierra. If the recommendations which each of these books offer regarding “cancer cures” is taken fastidiously, there is damn little in terms of illness/tissue damage that cannot be cured. Treat your dick as if it were the location of the “cancer”. Poultice it with alterative herbs and hot compresses, change your diet, eliminate intoxicants from your diet, drink green foods such as wheat grass juice or spirulina 2x a day, cleanse your colon, do something called a “gall bladder flush” (the one where you fast on apples for two days and then drink warm olive oil and lemon juice before bed) 2x a year, and yadda, yadda, yadda. Do what the books say- especially the Tierra and Pitchford books. The Jethro Kloss book’s information on herbs and treatment is quite outdated but it gives excellent advice on topics such as hygeine and specific methods for applying curative forces via external applications (in your case to your dick).

If you follow the recommendations that these individuals throw out there in these tomes, you can EXPECT TO GET BETTER. period.

Problem is, it’s a bitch to change your life to this degree. If you can do it for a year, you’ll have your “cure”. It may actually take significantly less time depending upon how you apply yourself. I have to date witnessed around twenty people walk right out of the grave and back into life using these methods. And have seen astounding cures in non-life threatening diseases as well. I was doing shit like this (juice fasting, enema therapy, macrobiotic diet, and etc.) for about five years of my life. I did it because it made me feel good and I’ve always been attracted to experimentation and the idea that we don’t necessarily have to be *miserable* as we age.

Without intending to do so I healed up my poor vision (haven’t worn glasses for over 8 years now), rebuilt my knees (totally smashed from high level competitive ice hockey), shoulder (mountain climbing accident), halted my receding hairline and grew my shit back to high school density (still looking good!), and, generally, regressed the ageing process considerably.

Believe it or not, your health is actually in YOUR HANDS and nobody cares about it as much as you do.

I went surfing last week with a friend of mind. Met him ten years ago. At that time he weighed 110 pounds, had acute mylocytic leukemia, and had been given three weeks to live. He threw his interferon out the tenth floor window of his apartment building, adopted all sorts of alternative cures, and, as I said, *lived*. He’s a much better surfer than me. When I met him he was literally GREEN. His voice was so weak you couldn’t even hear him talk.

On the sick scale his problems were an 11 (out of 10).

You’re dealing with like a 4 here. Kick it’s ass.

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I am so very sorry to hear your story.
I hope it has a happy ending.
I know it won’t help any by offering condolences but its got to be done.
This may sound ridiculous but some form of internal calming meditation. It may not assist the penis predicament but it may help you along a rough road ahead.

I guess this shook me up a bit. We are dealing with a loaded gun every day.

I think you overdid your PE.

Thanks guys for your advice and condolences. I am trying to be healthier, but it is so damn hard because I am really depressed. Before this, I had for a number of years had rather unhealthy habits. I drank a lot, was a light smoker, and had a fairly poor diet. When I was younger, I was a good athlete and in really good shape, but I quit working out and didn`t exercise much at all between age 19 and 29. About ten months ago, I decided to get back into shape. I had become a little pudgy and had definitely lost my former muscle tone. My 30th birthday was on the horizon, and I had this new girlfriend that I wanted to keep satisfied. So I got back into working out, was gradually quitting smoking, cut back on my drinking, and improved my diet. I saw myself getting trim and muscular again and was really happy with myself. During the summer I started investigating the whole PE thing and decided I would also add that to my regimen. I remember thinking to myself last summer how my 30th birthday (in November) was going to be a happy occasion because I would be in better shape than I had been in ten years and I was also expecting to have a bigger dick. As my birthday approached in the fall, all of that was taking shape, and I was a really happy person.

Then this shit hit me out of the blue in early November. Needless to say, my 30th birthday will now be remembered as one of the worst days of my life. I think one of the worst things about this is walking around everyday knowing that I did this to myself. I have no one else to blame, and it wasn`t an accident. And gamecity, I don`t really need anyone telling me I overdid my PE, although that may be true. I already went into the details of what I did, and I am pretty sure there are thousands of guys on here who do things more likely to cause serious injury than me. I`m not exactly sure how this happened, but I can`t express how rotten I feel.

Again, get a second opinion and a real diagnosis. Tell the doctor exactely what happened. Find a Doctor in another town if you are ashamed. Do not accept your own conclusions: as you are not a doctor they are most likely wrong and excessive. It will pass, trust me.

For the girl, just tell her you had an accident, that you will recover and in the meantime the twoo of you have the perfect excuse to perform a whole set of games with gadgets and various devices which can be very pleasant for both. Should she leave you for this reason that would prove you she was not a cool as you thought.

Also, if you take anti depressives, remember they make your libido go away as a number of supplements do. I took some a few years ago and I did not know they were the cause of my reduced erections and believed to have become impotent (I am 42). A friend told me, the day after I quit, I started fucking three times a day as a teenager.

Do not panic, ever.

Wow. Holy shit this is the first injury story I’ve ever read, what an eyeopener. When i jelq, sometimes I have a full erection (wet jelq) and I jelq right up to where my head begins. Is this what you were doing?? If so, I NEED TO STOP DOING IT!


Damn I hope your dick is better now!

That’s a big time wake-up call, jt. I’ve actually had some similar side effects during my PE experience, most notably weaker erections and no more morning wood. Now because of your post I am stopping PE indefinitely. My dick doesn’t get hard that easily anymore and I know it’s because of the exercises. I also don’t like the discoloration that is happening.

I’m happy with the short-term gains but the negative factors overshadow the positive, thus I’m definitely stopping now to focus on restoring my erectile health. Thanks for your post and I wish you luck getting back on track - I think you will - the body is an amazing thing with incredible recuperative powers. Hell, if people can beat cancer you can get your old unit back. Also, like you, I do not want to nay-say PE. I will still support this site 100% because it really does work - but as we’ve seen, everyone reacts differently. Cheers.

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Originally Posted by wantsmore

Amigo: clearly, *something* is wrong. I feel for you. However, I also believe that practically *anything* can be cured if you set your mind to it and you apply natural cure methods such as those contained in the very best manuals on natural healing…

Phenomenal post, top to bottom. Very uplifting, bro. Cheers.

"I don't understand how America doesn't understand Thug Life... America IS Thug Life!"

- Tupac Shakur

Umm…since this dude seems to be gone, does anyone to this day have any clue what he could have done to himself? Especially for it to happen over the course of a week? Maybe some WAY too enthusiastic jelqing?

Yea I feel for him too. I hoped he worked it out with his girl also.

He obviously did some major damage, but I think he had more than one thing going on. Or it was all related to the thing that was going on.
I think a lot of his problem was nerve damage. The premature ejaculation and maybe even the ED. I’ve experienced a sharp sting type of feeling around the underside and just in back of the glands myself a few times before. Always after over doing it.

Believe me it makes sex unpleasant when your shaft gives you a sharp sting near the head during sex. Ironically though, maiden oil or maybe even just the act of intercourse seems to be part of the cure for it also.

I take it as an indication that I’ve over worked the nerve bundle. It’s always accompanied by some fluid build up, which is why I don’t like fluid build and especially since my own injury scare. It’s also caused me to have a weak erection level several times. Because the nerves are so excited it’s also made holding back difficult when I’m experiencing this condition.

Picture it, you’re dick is sore, the nerves are so highly excited to the point where your dick actually gives you this sharp sting like feeling and it freaks out with painful pleasure when touched. Yeeow, you want to come, but then you don’t because it’s too soon, but then you do so you can finish and go wrap your stinging dick in a warm wash cloth …. then she comes and you come and some how your dick doesn’t feel that bad anymore, but you know if you hadn’t fucked your dick’s nerves up you would have been 3 times harder and gone longer.

Thankfully for me it’s never lasted more than about a day. But yes, the flaccid does hang like a dead dirty dish rag for that 24 hours and getting a 100 percent erection is problematic. I just try to avoid sex when this takes place but for some reason it always happened when the little lady was getting ready to rock my world.

Definitely a major negative indicator. It’s only happened a couple of times and from over doing it.
Clamping, pumping too hard or long, etc.

So that’s why I think he did some major nerve damage. I also think he had something else going on, lig damage?
That’s the only thing I can think that would yank his dick backwards so much. The spongy feeling as well as the hardness when turtled could be from lymph fluid build up and vessel damage?

Just how hard was he jelging and stretching? Did he try to rip it off?

Okay that been my armchair hypothesis.

But what could have turned the inside to “jelly”? And how did he just total it within a week? Shouldn’t we have some other injury story that sort of relates to this one?

I believe the story and all, but I’m still just flabbergasted at the speed and severity of it.

That story has scared the shit out of me. I’ve occasionally had a sore penis after PE and have also wet-jelqued when almost fully erect.

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This story is really scary. I read online that Peyronie’s is probably a combination of an injury with a genetic predisposition to the disorder. Could it be that for 1% of guys with this predisposition PE (which seems to work on controlled injury) might induce Peyronie’s? How would one know if one is predisposed? Are there early warning signs? This has scared me into going really light (which may be a good thing). Does anyone with more medical knowledge have a better idea of what happened and how to avoid it?

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