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Injury Please Help Me

Injury Please Help Me

I know this thread was to be put under injuries and treatments, but being a new member I couldn’t. I was seeing if anyone could help me.. I’ll tell you a little bit about the injury. About ten years ago I was involved with jelqing and using an extender, not sure the name of it, but it was used overnights for a few times. Next I noticed symptoms of

Turtled flaccid penis

Cold penis

Pain in pelvis

Erections fade very quickly

Erections are weak

Weak urine stream

Blood in semen

Pain in testes and scrotum is shriveled

Pain after urination

Hard flaccid

I have had every test from mris to cystoscopies and no one seen anything. If anyone can help me, it would be a god send. I really don’t have to resort to having to buy an implant

This happened 10 years ago?

Yes I’ve been dealing with it for that long. Seen countless urologists.. Nothing has helped me at all :/

I’m just lost with this.. I hope someone can help me here

Look into meditation and using energy to heal yourself. Also supplements like zinc, glutamine and others that help to repair tissue.

(You have had semen in your blood for 10 years?)

Like continuous blood in semen?

Start: Dec 2016 BPEL: 6.125" MEG: 5.5" (5' - 9" 264 lb)

Curr: Oct 2017 BPEL: 6.75" MEG: 5.625" (5' - 9" 245 lb)

Goal: 7.5" x 6" .......I want to win the dick swinging contest.

And no one has found anything physically wrong with you?

No it comes and goes

And no had numerous tests too

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
This happened 10 years ago?

Yeh I’ve been dealing with it for a real long time. Have had no answers at all. It’s really destroyIng my life and I just don’t know what to do

Physical injuries of that nature rarely come and go. You’re either inured or you’re not. I would suspect, although you will say no, that there is a strong mental component to your injury.

Have you continued PE since then, or did you stop altogether? If you stopped altogether, have you considered getting back into a (safe) consistent routine? After my first month, almost all anxieties went out the window because I was able to achieve 9 / 10 EQ again—which last happened 20+ years ago.

What could it hurt?

- Mega

I haven’t done it since the injury

Well, you have my thoughts after reading through what you posted. :) Definitely a wealth of information on what to do / how often / beginner’s routine / etc. Here. You have a 10-year baseline of how you’re feeling now, so if things were to improve in one aspect or another I’m sure you’d notice the difference pretty quick. Yes?

The only other thing I can offer (and is so very important) is the warm-up and warm-down after every session. Me personally? I do a rice sock 20-30 minutes <each> to ensure good circulation and things are properly relaxed so I can do my routine and begin to heal right after.

Good luck!

- Mega

I also get no spontaneous erections, no night time wood or morning wood.

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