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Injury Please Help Me

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Telling someone that they have an unfixable disease is just awesome man. Props to you .let other people comment

Actually it would. Research the anatomy of the penis before you make assumptions. Half of it is in ur body, connected to the perineum and pelvis muscles

Originally Posted by CD7777
Yes doctor seen blood in the semen. He approved it via a semen sample. Thought it was an infection so he gave me antibiotics which obviously didn’t help at all

You know Ted barrus the fire breathing idiot had that too except he also bled through his scrotum and he’s ok now I think . The problem was all the peppers he was eating I think.

Lol look at him crying likea bitch

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Hey man I’m here to get help. Not to make a joke of this situation. Thanks for the help

Originally Posted by CD7777
Hey man I’m here to get help. Not to make a joke of this situation. Thanks for the help

What possible help can you get here ? You have a medical problem you need medical help.

You didn’t read the part where I went to countless urologists

You know Johnny Knoxville pinus is pretty much wrecked from all the homo erotic stunts they did in jackass. Maybe you just need to find a workaround like sounding or idk taking vitamin in case you have a pinched nerve somewhere

Originally Posted by CD7777
You didn’t read the part where I went to countless urologists

If they couldn’t help what on earth can anyone here do.
Plus when you do get advice you ignore it and ask for more.

This is a warning that your behaviour is starting to look like trolling and if it continues on in the same vein you’ll be put on hold for a while.

Are you here for sympathy? If so, you have mine. A few people have made suggestions regarding supplements and heat. You can try those, but you won’t likely find an answer here.

Multiple urologists haven’t found anything despite MRIs and other imaging techniques.

Blood in semen seems alarming enough.

Is there blood in your urine?

If the op thinks he hurt himself in wearing a ADS on a single overnight session, I would thing he rolled over on the device and the base pinched a nerve, tore a vessel or one or both of his vas deferens got damaged by crush or stretch. With any physician trained in trauma, this should have been evident and diagnosed in ten years.

Hope You Heal Really Soon

It is horror stories like this that leave me terrified.

I really hope you heal soon OP. You *definitely* have my sympathies.

If you don’t like the advice hear you can always try PEgym or some other forum (no offense guys, sorry). I read some advice there on getting rid of flaccid erections; I know it’s not the same thing but you can always try it. You’ve done everything else it seems, unfortunately. I’m sure Thundersplace has info on the same thing too.

You can also try heating pads which can also speed up the healing.

And maybe some soft stretches?

I’m not a doctor and I’m still a PE noob so that’s the best I can offer. Sorry bro.

I really hope to hear a success story from you in the near future. :)

Good Luck!

I am a noob also but I would say other than heating pad don’t touch it at all for a few days- no masturbating, no sex, definitely no PE of any kind.

Originally Posted by CD7777
I know this thread was to be put under injuries and treatments, but being a new member I couldn’t. I was seeing if anyone could help me.. I’ll tell you a little bit about the injury. About ten years ago I was involved with jelqing and using an extender, not sure the name of it, but it was used overnights for a few times. Next I noticed symptoms of
Turtled flaccid penis
Cold penis
Pain in pelvis
Erections fade very quickly
Erections are weak
Weak urine stream
Blood in semen
Pain in testes and scrotum is shriveled
Pain after urination
Hard flaccid
I have had every test from mris to cystoscopies and no one seen anything. If anyone can help me, it would be a god send. I really don’t have to resort to having to buy an implant

You know CD7777 I’ve noticed you’ve been pretty active on another forum lately. This post honestly struck me as a little odd when I first saw it, but I kind of just brushed it off. Which tests did you actually have? Did you pay out of pocket for these tests? Where did you go for them? Every test from mris to cystoscopies, really?? And despite whatever you must have gone through to get all of those tests done, you don’t post anything about your injury until ten years later. I can understand some guys keeping quiet for ten years, but you were actively seeking out all of these tests, but never posting? It just seems odd. Maybe you could clear some stuff up at some point.

Yeh sorry, but my first reaction wasnt to post on an Internet forum. I tried to get help by going to urologist after urologist. Make sense yeah?


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