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Injury: Over Pumping?

Injury: Over Pumping?

Hey guys, I’m using a bathmate and normally just would do 5-7 minute intervals while in the shower. I usually pump until it feels like its getting good suction. I never really leave it on too long. About three weeks ago, I was using it and felt a good strong pull on my ligs and especially on the “steel chord” at the base. I thought it was good and that meant i was getting a stretch as well as a pump.

After I took it off, my dick felt sore. Not in a bad way though, just a little more so than normal. Then I was doing stretches the next day and it was still really sore and kind of even more so.

When I was having sex with my girlfriend, if she ever pulled it downwards when I had hard-on, it hurt. So since then any stretches have been out if the question. Now, after three weeks its still a bit sore but healing. However, when i feel the base where it was sore, I can feel like like a couple of knots there. Does anyone know what this might be? Anyone else experience this? Thankfully it hasn’t affected my ability to perform sexually, but I hope I didn’t damage my dick permanently.

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Sounds like you injured ligs. Hard to say if it is just an inflamation or there is scar tissue. I think you should see an urologist.

Doctor urologist yes, but my urologist said injuries do heal.

Research on the threads provided on this site massages and jelqing motions that have the possibility of dissolving scar tissue. Light stretches and jelqing with heat.

Def see a doctor ask about an ultra sound.

Do not attempt pumping until you master manual techniques that ensure tissue pliability.

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