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Injury in urine channel, help

Injury in urine channel, help

Hi fello PE`rs.
This is my first post couldn’t post in injury forum, maby MOD. Can move it there?

Anyway, I have been PE`ing for almost 2 years.
For about 4-5 weeks ago something happend.
I have had a streching only rutine fort the last 6 months, no gains so I decided to switsh to a pumping rutine.

I pumpet for about 18min at 3-5 HG low pressure.
After that session I felt a tiny tingelig inside my willy, nothing worriyng.
Two days after that , I streched for 15min, very easy pull.
Little more tingeling this time, so I desided to take a few days off.

I woke up the morning after and went to the toilet, when I started to pee it hurts like f***.
Almost like I was pissing razorblades, I freaked out.
I thought , maby I had injured the urine channel , it felt like that.
I Have been to 2 different doctors, no urine\bladder infection.
I told them about PE, they said it will heal up, just be gentle for couple weeks.

Now after almost 5 weeks , it’s still hurts when I pee , same pain level.
This doesn’t seem to heal, almost like I am ripping open a wound every time I piss.
Feels like that. I am almost certin that it’s not an STD, same partner for 5years ect.

Any body out there who had similar experience?
Maby I should go see a urologist?

Edit: My erections are as good as always, morning wood ect.
So it functions as before :)

So you saw this happen to a guy on TV, yes? On the urine channel?

Originally Posted by tastatur
pissing razorblades

That sounds like an STD. I would go to an Urologist.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think he means the urethra. If your doctors suggest going to a urologist I would go to a urologist. They could scope your penis to see what is causing the problem. Are you having any issues with kidney stones?

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It sounds like the Clap to me.

Probably a tear in the urethra, from pumping even at low pressure, depending on where the pain is most noticeable. Better see your urologist post haste. The acidity in the urine will make it worse when urinating. A simple test will determine if it is STD related, and a scope will determine the tear and your urologist can fix it if not. Pretty standard procedure.

Urethra it is:)

Got back STD result from doctor today , negative so thats god:)
Pretty sure it’s a tear in the urethra, when I piss it dosent hurt that bad at the beginning, feels like
The acidity in the urine is “opening” up the wond every time I piss..

Of to se a urulogist then.
It’s been 5 weeks , no getting better.

Thunders is great!
You guy`s are great :)

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